4/20 Update

Monday Update

Welcome back. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

At different points along our COVID-19 journey, I’ve reminded everyone that our AccentCare Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) was available for team members who’ve encountered a setback. In the past, cash grants have helped your colleagues who’ve suffered loss from floods, tornados, hurricanes, or other hardships.

I have great news to share.

Advent International, our strategic partner, through its Global Relief Fund, has made a generous donation of $200,000 to the AccentCare Employee Assistance Fund. Advent’s gracious gift is the largest single donation in the history of the AccentCare Employee Assistance Fund. I want to thank Advent for their generosity, as well as their commitment to all of the great people, who together, make up AccentCare.

Any AccentCare employees can apply for assistance from the EAF by following this link.

Keeping with the Good News theme, it’s likely that our hospital and physician partners will soon be restarting some of their patient capacity, which in turn generates new admissions for all of our lines of business. Here’s what has changed: In the early days of the coronavirus response, the federal government asked our nation’s hospitals to discontinue elective and most ambulatory surgeries. Those procedures include many patients-types that AccentCare typically cares for as they return to their homes, such as some cardiac patients and most non-trauma joint replacement patients. The hold on these procedures made sense because it conserved resources, like PPE and personnel, to meet the needs of the potential COVID-19 patient surge.

Over the weekend, the federal government issued guidelines for hospitals to resume these procedures in a phased approach, based on the available capacity and the spread of COVID-19 in the hospital’s community. For patients, this change is welcome news because delayed surgery means unresolved and often uncomfortable conditions. For AccentCare, it means that our referral partners will be returning to a more regular rhythm of operations. Let’s commit to finding the patients who need our care, and then deliver them a consistently excellent clinical experience.

I’ll close by sharing with you our seventh video in our Real Talk. Real Care. series. I’d like to introduce you to Lindsey Patterson, PT, from our Carthage, MS Sta-Home office. Lindsey takes us though her thinking from the early days of COVID-19, up to positive coronavirus patients being admitted to her branch. She has a great quote that I want to leave you with tonight, and one that I’m sure will resonate with you. After reflecting on all that has transpired, Lindsey poignantly says with confidence, “ We’re trained for times like these…”. True, Lindsey.

Stay focused, stay together, stay confident. We are making tremendous progress.

Talk again tomorrow.


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