5 Commonly Overlooked Risks for Falling at Home

Aging seniors who may be experiencing some loss of vision, medication effects, or other contributors to instability, are among those who could be at risk for accidental falls. Common hazards can lead to such accidents, so it’s good for seniors and their family members to be aware and to make needed changes in habits or surroundings. Here are five commonly overlooked risks for falling:

  1. Wet floors
    Whether it’s a spill from the kitchen sink when washing dishes or overflow from the bath tub, slippery surfaces are troublesome. Taking appropriate steps to improve safety in situations with wet floors is a wise precaution. Use adhesive floor coverings, such as non-slip bathmats, on the areas where water spills are frequent, wipe up water as soon as it’s noticed, and if floor wax must be used, look for non-skid varieties to make surfaces less slippery.

  2. Poor lighting
    In low light, eyesight is challenged. This is especially true for our aging loved ones. To avoid related accidents, family members need to help ensure that lighting is bright enough throughout the house. Consider installing additional lighting on stairs and the use of adequate night lights.

  3. Insecure stairs
    Walking up or down stairs is not so easy if you are a little unstable. Proper shoes are very helpful and all loose items should be removed from stairs. Guard rails placed on both sides of stairs can be very useful in preventing falls, according to The National Council on Aging.

  4. Multitasking
    Talking on the phone, reading, or simply having your mind wander when in the kitchen, reaching for something from a high shelf, or any number of everyday tasks, can limit care and attention to what’s happening in the moment. Family members should talk to their elderly loved ones about working on one task at a time and concentrating only on the task at hand.

  5. Medication side effects
    Many seniors take multiple prescribed medications daily. Sometimes side effects can alter their balance due to dizziness and this is a very common cause of falls. Ask your aging loved one about their medications and how they feel when taking them. If possible, monitor them to help ensure that the prescription directions are being followed and that medications the have been discontinued by a physician are put away to avoid mix-ups.

Personal care services can help
Preventing seniors from falling down is an important concern for family members. Some, because of their locations, schedules, and other responsibilities, may find it difficult to handle on their own. It is often the case that adult children need additional help with their loved ones’ care. That’s where personal care services come in. This in-home assistance provides seniors help for  


bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing, meal preparation, medication reminders and more.

AccentCare offers personal care services you can trust. Our in-home care attendants undergo background checks and are trained to provide the assistance seniors need to thrive in a comfortable environment... home.