Our front-line caregivers are the heart of AccentCare. They rise to the moment every day, ready to serve others, always putting their patient above all else.

When COVID-19 arrived, it changed so many things in our daily lives. But one thing it can’t change is the heart of our caregivers and their dedication to caring for our patients.  And that is where the idea of Real Talk Real Care came from.   As we listened to the stories of our caregivers, we couldn’t help but be inspired and called to a higher purpose ourselves.

Since the time that Real Talk Real Care launched, we’ve heard so many unique stories of outstanding caregivers and their Call to Purpose.  Real Talk Real Care has become a spotlight for our health care heroes, who serve their communities every day

Whether dealing with a patient who has a confirmed COVID diagnosis, or a family considering hospice, or a person hoping to age gracefully in their home,  all AccentCare caregivers are honored to bring care into the most sacred of places, a patient’s home.

Our calling is our patients.  In each case, our caregiver’s stories are powerful. Their stories are personal. Their stories are REAL.

Real Talk. Real Care. is their story from the front lines. We are honored they are part of our team, and even more so that they are willing to share their stories of the very real journey they are living during this unprecedented time.

Adam Adams, PT, Dickson, TN

Lisa Simon, PT, McKinney, Texas

Holly Richards, RN Case Manager, Franklin, TN

Larry Kilpatrick, Spiritual Care Coordinator, Windsor, CO

Ted Phelan, OT, McKinney, TX

Jessica Presley, RN, Southhaven, MS

Real Talk Real Care : Virginia Hays, RN, McKinney, TX

Carrie Waters, PT, El Centro, CA

Delma Mitchell, RN, Grenada, MS

Kristy Langdon, RN, Carthage

Bryce Prisock, RN, Southaven

Sara Childers, RN, Senatobia, MS

Charlotte Lark, RN, CA

Larry Bloskas, Chaplain, Lubbock, TX

Lindsey Patterson, PT Carthage, MS

Michael Arenella, RN, NY

Vicky Lupo, RN, NY

Latoya Morris, Caregiver, NY

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