Our Integrity Commitment and

24/7 AccentCare Line

At AccentCare, Integrity  is one of our core values, and we are committed to doing the right thing for our employees and our patients, always. We can’t imagine doing it any other way. We strive to provide consistently exceptional care to our patients and their families. Always in compliance with applicable legal requirements and standards. In our efforts to meet these goals, we maintain a comprehensive Compliance Program.

We provide the tools, training, and resources required to all of AccentCare employees to ensure everyone understands the requirements of their job and where they can go for help.  All employees are empowered and expected to speak up if they suspect a violation of law or policy, or if they need guidance in navigating any issue at any time. One method to report a concern 24/7 is the AccentCareLine. This hotline is available to all employees, patients and their families to report any suspected misconduct or to make an inquiry.

24/7 AccentCare Line

The AccentCareLine is operated and staffed 24/7 by an independent vendor to manage confidential reports of any concerns. The hotline allows reporters to choose to remain anonymous, with the option to follow up later to share additional details or review our response. The AccentCare Compliance Department promptly reviews all issues reported to the AccentCareLine, and investigates allegations of misconduct to ensure we take appropriate corrective action when indicated.

At AccentCare, we want to be made aware of any concerns so we can address them. Employees who submit reports through the AccentCareLine or any other channel will not be subject to retaliation or discrimination for any information provided in good faith.

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