AccentCare Announces 2nd Year of SAGECare Platinum Recognition

Specialized SAGECare training equips hospice staff to deliver better patient experience for all

DALLAS, Mar. 29, 2024 — AccentCare (“the Company”) has been recognized as a SAGECare Platinum credentialed provider for the second year in a row. As one of the nation’s largest post-acute providers, the Company is committed to providing SAGECare’s LGBTQ+ competency training and consulting on LGBTQ+ aging issues to its organization.

“SAGECare training helps our hospice caregivers, front line staff, and leadership be more sensitive in delivering care to the LGBTQ+ community. By being knowledgeable and culturally aware of all walks of life, we can create the best end-of-life care for them,” said Dr. Balu Natarajan, AccentCare’s Chief Medical Officer.

To receive the Platinum level certification, 80% of hospice employees had to receive at least 1 hour of LGBTQ+ Aging Training and 80% of management had to receive at least 4 hours.

“At AccentCare, we believe that every individual deserves access to health care that is respectful, inclusive, and tailored to their unique needs,” said Jerry Farmer, AccentCare’s Vice President – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. “Through ongoing training and fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance, we are dedicated to creating an environment where LGBTQ+ patients feel safe, supported, and valued. We recognize the importance of providing quality care that is free from discrimination and bias.”

AccentCare is committed to exceptional care for all patients. Caregivers who know diverse cultures and practices are better equipped to provide care respectful to all patients’ needs, which leads to better patient experiences.

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