AccentCare CIO Brett Lansing on Driving Transformation, Innovation, and Employee Satisfaction

Brett Lansing is the Chief Information Officer of AccentCare, a private equity-owned post-acute healthcare provider with over 50 years of industry experience operating in 31 US states. Brett has been in his role for a bit more than three and a half years. Prior to AccentCare, Brett served as the CIO for MEDecision.

Innovation is key to becoming a nimble enterprise, and an important way to foster a culture of innovation is to ensure employees have the ability and the forum to share their ideas.

In this episode of Technovation, Brett Lansing, Chief Information Officer of AccentCare, shares his insight into how technology, particularly innovations like generative AI, plays a crucial role in enhancing patient services and alleviating the administrative burden on clinicians, and the process behind driving that innovation at the company.

He discusses the importance of aligning technology with business strategy, challenging the status quo, and fostering a culture of innovation and employee satisfaction. Brett dives into the Quarterly Ideas Forum he has developed to amplify voices across AccentCare and ensure the company isn’t resting on its laurels. Brett also highlights the significance of cybersecurity in healthcare and shares his experiences and benefits of working in a private equity-owned company.

Finally, Brett concludes with the keys to his success and recounts the career development philosophies passed down to him, offering valuable guidance for increasing marketability and succeeding in leadership roles.

00:00 Introduction

00:37 AccentCare’s Mission and Brett’s Role

01:28 The Impact of Technology in Healthcare

04:03 Innovating with Generative AI for Clinicians

06:17 Fostering Innovation: The Quarterly Ideas Forum

09:24 Challenging the Status Quo and Empowering Teams

13:03 Navigating Cybersecurity in Healthcare

15:27 The Unique Dynamics of Private Equity Ownership

17:38 Career Reflections and Advice from Brett Lansing

19:58 Closing Remarks

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