Thursday Update

First of all, I want to say how proud I am to work alongside some of the most fantastic professionals in health care. There is a lot coming at us, but we are controlling our situation, as we always do. I’m never surprised at how we respond as a team, because it happens again and again, and I want you to hear that.

As communities see more cases in their jurisdiction, and social distancing takes hold, more community leaders are opting to enact some sort of shelter-in-place policy. Think of it as a quarantine-lite. In all cases, the shelter-in-place orders exempt something called Essential Services. That’s a term used by agencies like FEMA and CMS to single out those industries that, above all others, need to be in place and functioning for the welfare of the community. health care is always considered an essential service, and that means AccentCare, no matter the state, county, or city is always an essential service.

Your direct manager has been working with you to position you in the best place for you to carry out AccentCare’s essential service. What I need you to hear from me is that, regardless of what shelter-in-place orders are announced, you need to continue to report to the work location that your manager places you in. If anything changes, we’ll tell you. Hopefully, that saves you the trouble of sorting through the confusion of what to do.

Next, perhaps the nation’s most important health care magazine, Modern health care, learned of what we were doing and spent an hour with me on Wednesday morning talking about COVID-19 and how AccentCare is rising to the occasion. We talked about a lot of topics, but one that I know is on your mind is supplies. Inventory management and replenishment is a topic that we have significantly invested in these last few weeks, both time and finances. We identified supplies availability, especially PPE, as a potential stress point, and so we placed substantial orders during the earliest days of the COVID-19 crisis. Since then, we have developed the ability to monitor stock, balance inventory according to need, and even forecast future replenishment needs. Alongside the logistics efforts, we are doing great work identifying sources for supplies for the weeks and months to come.

We are determined to get you the materials that you need to take care of our patients. I spoke about some of our efforts in the Modern health care article, and the link is here if you would like to read it.

More tomorrow.