Friday Update

At a national level, a couple of important things happened today that are worth talking about. First, it was good to see Congress approve the economic stimulus package. Whether or not any of the provisions directly affect AccentCare isn’t really the point. We’re caregivers; it’s in our DNA. Human suffering takes all shapes and forms. It’s a relief to know that there’s a plan in place to bridge our neighbors across to the other side of this unprecedented time. The second piece of news came in the afternoon when we learned the Federal government stepped in to bring General Motors into the ventilator production game sooner rather than later. Specifics aside, more ventilators mean more capacity to take care of the most fragile patients. I’m glad to see how we, as a country, are leaning in to this problem and taking decisive action.

AccentCare has been leaning into the challenge ourselves consistently for more than a month now. The early phases were all about preparation, but as the virus has doubled and doubled again, the numbers have finally started to get large enough that AccentCare needs to be prepared to take on COVID-19 patients.

As I think about that, a few things come to mind. First, it’s not in our DNA to walk away from our Call to Purpose. That’s just not what professionals who are called to a life in health care would do. Second, if the estimates are correct, anywhere from 20% to over 50% of us will be positive for COVID-19 at some point. So the honest truth is, no one can run from it. However, here’s the other thing about AccentCare, we do our homework. We create solutions; we test, learn, and then scale up. We’ve got an excellent COVID-19 patient protocol. In fact, I’m willing to say that it’s the unrivaled best in our industry.

Many people worked on the creation of a safety-first COVID-19 patient protocol. The protocol starts with a senior-level clinical case review to carefully determine if we are really the right solution for the patient, given their needs and condition. We’ve created a clinical team, a volunteer COVID clinical team, who will be fully trained and equipped to handle any in-person encounters. We’ve created a smart supply utilization and disposal process to ensure what goes into the home stays in the home. And finally, we’re swiftly layering in telemedicine visits where possible so that we limit the time spent with a COVID patient. There’s a lot more detail in our protocol, but I wanted to give you a summary so that you can imagine what we’ve created.

It’s worth adding that one of the other things we are doing to create a safe COVID-19 patient program is we are starting this protocol only with strategic partners with whom we have a clear and confident line of communication and trust. That matters. We need collaboration, a true partnership, to get the information we need to help a patient in the safest manner possible. We’re doing this right.

I challenged everyone last night to find three great things about today, and express gratitude to those who made a difference. I meant it, & I’m not exempt so here’s my list for today:
1. To the 297 clinicians who have stepped up and volunteered to join the COVID-19 team, I respectfully salute you and am thankful for you. That’s 121 RN’s, 96 LVN’s, and 80 physical therapists, from our offices all across the country that will lead-up from the front lines, and impact their neighbors and community. Thank you as well to Tracy Dent and her support team that reached out and connected with their peers to build the team.
2. To the 40 Clinical Leaders who also volunteered to join the COVID Team, which is, by the way 100% of our regional clinical leaders. Let me say that again, 100% stepped-up. I’m grateful for you. Your commitment is a standard that our whole organization can look to as a new Call-to-Purpose.
3. Sara Castillo, Dave Davis, Barry Davis, and the many other leaders who, pulled together a COVID Protocol, the training, supplies deployment process, and the disinfection process, thank you for finding a solution that truly keeps employee safety as our top priority, while maintaining our patients as our number one responsibility.
I am grateful for you all. I’m honored to work alongside an incredible team.

If you haven’t had a chance to see my video message from yesterday evening, here’s the link.

Have a wonderful weekend. If you are not working, please find time to rest.