Sunday Update

Happy Sunday

I hope you were all able to rest this weekend, reconnect with your loved ones, clear your minds, and be prepared to continue our great work together.

Last weekend I shared with you my strong desire to get more PPE into the field. The team rose to the challenge this week. Let me tell you about some fantastic work that happened while many of us were beginning to unplug for the weekend.

The Dallas PPE Supplies team spend its Friday evening and Saturday morning assembling and shipping over 9,000 items in total spread across 193 branch shipments.

I want to publicly thank the team for demonstrating our commitment to our make employee safety our top priority. Here are the team members: David Von Tress, Scarlet King, Huma Sohrwardy, Rohini Iyer (and her son), Noel Tuason, and Kathryn Degelia

A lot of my communications to you have covered the building blocks of AccentCare’s response to COVID-19: from education, to infrastructure, my operating principles, to clinical readiness, and our COVID Response Teams. And of course, we’ll keep talking about those things as needed, especially the updates on supplies. But I’m going to be mindful about bringing forward the voice of our clinicians, especially those on the front lines, into our future updates.

We’re launching a new video series called Real Talk. Real Care, which will give you all a chance to hear from each other about your journey, and your new call to purpose moments. We’re going to succeed as a team. Together and Real Talk. Real Care will let us capture our victories, our thoughts, and our purpose moments, and bind us as a community of caregivers.

We’ll kick off Real Talk. Real Care with the voice of two of our most senior clinicians, Sara Castillo and Dave Davis. Sara and Dave have been integral in the building of our entire COVID-19 Plan, and are always tireless advocates of our front line caregivers. Take a moment to hear them give their views on this incredible moment in time and why we can lean into it with confidence. And even better, you’ll get a chance to hear about their call to purpose too.