Friday Update

Together, we’ve met the challenges of this week. Next week will present more. There’s no doubt that we’re rising to the moment, together. One of the reasons why I can say that so confidently is because I hear great stuff happening all over AccentCare. You’ve shared a number of stories with me, and I wish I could tell them all, but I want to tell you a few that have caught my attention, one at a time. I know you’ve read that many senior and assisted living facilities are safeguarding residents by self-quarantining, and sadly this means no outside visitor can come inside. But… that hasn’t stopped our Denton team.

Our Denton office is doing something really amazing. Since our team can’t go inside to play the piano for one of their regular sing-alongs, the staff at Mayberry Gardens (a senior community) invited us to do a Parking Lot Piano Sing-Along today for their residents… I’m told it was a mix of Elvis and Patsy Cline favorites, with some hymns in the mix. I’m also told we captured some film and so look for that sometime next week. I want to see it, too.

I took some time to talk with you about PPE and supplies last night because I know that it’s on your mind. We’re going to revisit that topic repeatedly, I can assure you. I suspect you probably also wonder about AccentCare, if for no other reason, because of all of the talk about the economy. Let me put your mind at ease. Yes, we have seen a very small drop in referrals, but it’s minimal and mainly due to others upstream in the referral and authorization chain working through their own COVID-19 processes. AccentCare is, as we all should be, all-eyes-forward on delivering exceptional patient care, but business-wise we’re solid. I can’t reinforce that enough.

If you’ve been with AccentCare for a couple of years or so, you know how our employees have always stepped up to help each other out during times of crisis, like hurricanes, floods, and fires. We’ve done food drives and shipped supplies, and we’ve also used our Employee Assistance Fund to help out monetarily. When we created the EAF, we knew it would be used to give employees a helping hand when they needed it the most, likely for an unexpected, personal hardship or following a natural disaster.

But, the coronavirus has also brought about unplanned and unavoidable circumstances, so the EAF and your contributions will be here for you.The EAF is prepared to support, but since there’s no way to fully gauge the impact the coronavirus may have, AccentCare is committing to match any new or increased contributions to the EAF.

Taking care of AccentCare employees is a primary focus for me, so to show you my commitment, to you and all within our AccentCare family, I am going to personally contribute $10,000 to the EAF, for AccentCare to match. 100% of these funds will go directly to those within our family who need our help the most.

That’s a great start, and I know together, our contributions to the EAF will give the gift of financial assistance to a team member, you know, or maybe one you’ve never even met. I talk more about that in our weekly video update you can see below. I also asked Tammy Steele, our Chief People Officer, to join me for this week’s video update.

Enjoy your weekend, be safe, and be vigilant with hygiene. Now is not the time to let up on that. Take careful notice of all of the small things that will keep you and your family well.

We’ll talk again over the weekend at least once.