Sunday Update

Happy Sunday Everyone:

The leadership team met today, Sunday, at noon to get us all ready to launch into the next week, united.  Together, with all of your help, we have risen to the challenge of the early phase of COVID-19.  I believe our country and our system of health care providers are entering a new phase, starting tomorrow.  Think of the first few weeks as a start-up company, and the next several weeks and months as a company that is launched and fully in to execution.

With that in mind, I want all 25,000 of us launching into this next phase together, with a common understanding of my operating principles.  I want you to take the time to read, understand, and put these operating principles into action yourself, and instill in the teams you lead.

Steve’s Operating Principals in Times of Crisis

We are nothing more than a collection of caring people, connected in a common mission of supporting each other and the people we have a responsibility to serve.  Together we will step towards whatever may come with purpose and determination.  We will not be hindered by obstacles that will be thrown in front of us nor our own fear of what may come.  Because we are supported, inspired, and driven by the people we are privileged to take this journey with.

To that end:

  1. Employee Safety is our Top Priority.  Never compromise.
    This means we have a responsibility to:

    1. Prepare them
    2. Safeguard them
    3. Listen to them when they have fears or concerns
  2. Patients and clients are our number one responsibility
    1. Adapting to the situations using the tools we can such as telephonic visits, telehealth, and in person
    2. Training and supporting in home care givers to play a larger role in the care of the patient
  3. Communication will bond us and drive us towards a common purpose
    1. All of us should be connecting with the people we work with daily
    2. Leverage every one of us to have frequent touch bases with patients and clients, and educate them on both the current situation and their part in it
    3. All of us need to be available 24/7 for each other and our patients
  4. Speed of decisions and adapting to what’s taking place in the markets is required
    1. We trust the leaders closest to the markets to make the decisions required
    2. Flexing our rules and operating procedures is expected
  5. Take the time to capture inspiring moments, brag on each other, and share widely our successes.  Others will see your example and be inspired by and look to emulate it.
  6. Rest when you can.  Clarity of thought of a well-rested mind will benefit us all.

I want you all to know of my daily gratitude for what you are doing.  We are in a defining moment as a country, and AccentCare is going to rise up and be a foundational part of how our communities and country beat this together.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.  Talk to you all tomorrow.