Tuesday Update

I want to start tonight’s message with heartfelt appreciation and admiration for the courage of our New York team. As you probably know, over half of the nation’s 45,000 COVID-19 cases are in New York, and nearly all of those cases are within NYC and its surrounding communities. While many of us elsewhere can shelter-in-place and reasonably keep a distance from others, that is simply not possible in high-density cities, and New York is the densest by far. Our corporate leadership has been working alongside Joanna Ciampaglione, our PCS East leader, to get resources and support to our colleagues in the Empire State. If you are a support center employee who works with Joanna’s team regularly, I’d be appreciative if you doubled-down your support for them as your own sign of appreciation.

When our Emergency Preparedness Team first met and outlined our most reasonable protection of the next few weeks, my belief was there would be an initial dip in referrals followed by a wave of new patients. I and others agreed that upstream inpatient health care providers, like hospitals, would look to post-acute care as an aid in opening beds. That is proving to be very accurate, and certainly, one thing I want you to hear tonight is that we should expect to be intensely busy for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean that we won’t face challenges with patients who may want to push back their care. We’ll hear that, and we’ll overcome that. So, let’s buckle our seatbelts and get ready for what I believe will be an incredibly busy next few months.

I mentioned last week that I have been hearing a number of creative stories from our offices across the county. Even though we are supposed to be distancing, you aren’t losing connection with your neighbors, your community, and your patients. Well, our Denton office’s outreach to a local senior living facility not only captured our attention, but it caught the Dallas NBC affiliate’s attention, too. Follow the link to watch their story. Excellent job Tracy & team!  And, of course, take the time to share your stories on ACT too. I want to see them all.

Finally, recall that I said I wanted you to share your call to purpose with others on our ACT app, and I promised that each week I would pick a winner to receive a $500 team-building award. It’s time to pick our first winner. I was proud to see your teamwork and commitment not only to each other but also to your communities. I found it difficult to only choose one moment from the extraordinary list because they are all great.

So since it’s my contest, I decided I had the authority to award $500 prizes to THREE entries. They are:

  1. Tracy Miller – Texas Home Health Hospice, Denton Texas
  2. Schana Dyar – Texas Home Health, Longview, Texas
  3. Chanda Darby – Sta-Home Home Health, Grenada, Mississippi

Congratulations to everyone, all past entries will roll forward to next week’s contest. Keep sending in your call to purpose moment. Or, perhaps share a recent moment that distinguishes us as professionals. We would be honored to hear your moments and draw energy as we all push together to show the world the difference we can make. We have created a Rise To The Moments channel on our ACT app for you to tell us your story.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening,