Wednesday Update

We’re going to be really well off on the other side of this. I want to thank everyone for their great work.

Usually, I would end a daily message with those words, but I want to start today with that thought. It leads me to a promise I made to you last week. I mentioned on Thursday that I commissioned a small team to rapidly create a telemedicine capability, well beyond our existing platform, and ready it for launch no later than this week. So today, I want you to know that we have reached that goal. We’ve signed an agreement with an innovative telemedicine provide called Synzi to create virtual visits and even connect patients with their physicians when the need arises. It’s an incredible platform, and AccentCare will be Synzi’s exclusive post-acute partner. Synzi complements our existing Medtronic telemonitoring platform, for which we have also added units.

There’s no doubt in my mind that a virtual visit is a safe visit for our caregivers and our patients, and we will look to layer those visits in when its the best solution for care. You can imagine that one of those scenarios will be for a COVID-19 patient we take into care. While we will still need to do certain visits as face-to-face, like the start-of-care visit, for stable symptomatic patients, a virtual visit will reduce exposure for our caregiver.

I’m excited about telehealth because it’s a safe solution for our caregivers. That’s what I think first. Secondly, I return to my first sentence today. A robust telehealth platform added on top of our world-class in-person platform is a game-changer for the future of AccentCare. When we return to normal times, our new normal will be a transformed normal thanks to the hard work of many of you. Some of you will be trained on the new telemedicine platform. After you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Yesterday, I used the phrase, buckle in for the ride. We’re already seeing volumes surge, and it will be like that for the foreseeable future. And the clearest evidence of my conviction of our growth is: We’re hiring! We’ve opened many requisitions to meet the volume surge. So, If you know someone who was impacted, genuinely encourage them to look at our website and, of course, have them note that you are the referring employee!

The last thing I’ll leave you with is something we will revisit in more detail in the coming days. The work we do hasn’t always been fairly valued by certain payers. I don’t think that’s a very controversial statement. As the health care world comes to see our services as a critical solution to the COVID-19 crisis, I am taking the opportunity to boldly reinforce that both to our payers, but also to key influencers.
More on that sometime soon. In the meantime, stay encouraged, encourage each other, tell your stories, and continue to make a difference.