Monday Update

Good Evening.

I challenged you last night to let facts speak to our hearts and reset our attitude. And after that, we walked through some of the facts of COVID, and the pandemic called Fear. I hope you took some time to really think through the ways that perhaps you’ve let your curiosity turn to fear.

I want to encourage you to come back to my Sunday message at least once this week to look at the facts, and find your thoughts come into clear focus.

I also shared with you my gratitude for our colleagues who volunteered to join the COVID teams, and since then, others have come forward to ask if they could still volunteer. The answer is yes! If it matches with your own personal call to purpose, and I hope it does, then please work with your clinical leader to join.

I want to talk a little about our PPE commitments, because I know it’s on your mind, and I promised to return to it. In the month of March, the COVID supplies team created a full PPE logistics infrastructure. By that, I mean: inventory, forecasting, sourcing, balancing, replenishment monitoring, and pick-pack-and-ship capabilities. Substantial re-stocking orders are out for all material, and orders are arriving. Just to give you an idea of their scale, the team was able to get 126 packages assembled and shipped to the field on Thursday.

But, I am challenging the team to do even more. And so the team is doubling down this week to get more materials to the field offices. That is underway.

However, that’s not a blank check to utilize PPE beyond the CDC’s guidelines. We’ll revisit that this week. Overutilizing is another way of expressing fear. That my firm belief.

I want to end tonight’s message with something that I touched on in my Sunday message, and that is the risk of unplugging from each other at a time when we really need to be embracing and supporting each other. During this challenging time, “Social Distancing “ is precisely what you should NOT be doing. We absolutely should be “Physical Distancing,” but socially, we need to be leading through this together. So, whether it’s through though an expression of gratitude, sharing on ACT, an email, a handwritten note, a phone call, outreach to your community, whatever it might be, please socially connect, and do it a lot. Fear doesn’t have a home when we’re united together. That’s who we are, that’s AccentCare.

Have a great evening. We’ll talk more tomorrow.