Wednesday Update

Last night we talked about the fear of the unknown. I also spent some time walking through the many ways we at AccentCare can control our environment of care, significantly different from our colleagues in the hospital acute care part of our industry.

Understandably, one reason why the “unknown” existed is the fact that COVID-19 is a new virus. The first U.S. clinician treated the first U.S. patient just a little more than two months ago. Until recently, there really hasn’t been a lot of information. In the absence of much information, and during a time when entertainment has been mostly shut down, there’s been too much focus on the worst-case. Reading or watching stories about COVID-19 fear has become our replacement for new episodes of American Idol or baseball opening day.

Last night I talked about New York as a hotspot; and that we are learning much from the hotspots that have been dealing with a surge of cases for some time. I want to give you more information that I personally found to be very interesting.

The link below is a physician from the front lines, an ICU intensivist at New York’s Weil-Cornell Medical Center. In his video, Dr. David Price, M.D. addresses explicitly the fears of health care workers who might work around COVID-19. He also goes more in-depth, digging into the risk to families and loved ones.

COVID-19 Protecting your family

When I watched this video earlier this morning, I saw the instant connection to what we’ve been talking about for a few days. But I sincerely appreciated the words of a physician who is right there on the front lines directly dealing with the most sensitive COVID-19 patients. Please take the time to watch the video. I’m sure you will find it as useful as I did.

Last thing: We started our COVID-19 communications almost a month ago with a list of questions we thought you might have, and the answers to those questions as we knew them at the time. We’ve revisited and refreshed those FAQs. You can find those in the attached document or our the website at the link below. We’ve also included the most current COVID-19 Disease Response strategy.

Have a great evening. Tomorrow I’ll have my weekly video conversation for you all.