Daily Update Friday, April 10, 2020

I hope you’ve had a good Friday so far, and you’re well into your planning for your weekend.

As I mentioned in my video last night, this is a special season for many of us, amidst an unparalleled era for all of us. I hope you can all extract yourself from the stress of the past 45 days, and instead put your energy into your loved ones, whether they be just across the table, or, instead across the internet through one of our new ways of connecting, like Skype and Zoom.

Rest and recharge this weekend, and recharge others too. That’s the first message I want to give you today.

The second message is a special one for me because it accentuates what I sincerely believe to be the noble Call to Purpose of nurses, and all caregivers in general. I want to share with you our fourth Real Talk. Real Care video, this one is with Kristy Langdon, an RN with our Carthage office.

Thus far, our series has featured Bryce Prisock with the COVID Response Team Call to Purpose. Then we heard from Sara Childers with her real-life view on what it feels like to do a home visit with a COVID patient. But today, Kristy is going take you into the emotions of working with a COVID positive patient who isn’t doing well, and probably wouldn’t do well without our help.  hope you can hear in her voice, and through her storytelling and prayers, the very special mission we all have in the lives of our patients.  Please take the time to watch.

The last thing I want to leave you with is a thought that I want you to turn into action when we all start the day on Monday. Here it is:

Now that we’ve built a new COVID-proof infrastructure, it’s time for all of us to get back into a rhythm of normalcy.  We’ve shaken off the uncertainties, we’re well into overcoming COVID together, and our fears should be waning if not gone altogether.  Its time, and I also believe that it’s healthy, for us all to resume our pre-COVID work patterns, rituals, efforts, and focus. Let’s all commit to start next week with the mindset of embracing our AccentCare rhythm of success together.


Steve’s Weekly Video: 4/9/20

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