Monday Update

Welcome back from the weekend. For many of you, it was an opportunity to connect to family and faith. To recharge and refocus. Unfortunately, for our colleagues in the Southeast, the weekend also brought some terrible weather that impacted at least some of our colleagues, and no doubt, many of their friends. Keep all of them in your thoughts.

On Friday, I mentioned, “Getting back into a rhythm of normalcy.” More and more, we hear that the future won’t bounce back to our lives of November or December with a simple flip of a switch.  Instead, we as a country, and AccentCare as an organization, will need to learn how to live and thrive with COVID-19 as a part of our lives. Emphasis on THRIVE.

We need to embrace our normal rhythm of work for our patients, too. Here’s something I know: health care can only be delayed so long, and in some cases, it can’t be delayed long at all. Sometime soon, we should expect a resumption of all therapeutic ambulatory procedures, the same for postponed heart caths, joint revisions and then joint replacements, and so on. Many procedures can safely be delayed a month or so, but beyond that, the likelihood of a bad clinical outcome increases. We must be ready.

Our AccentCare relationship-builders will need to go find those patients, knowing that the referral might not be coming to us in the same old cadence or from the same sources. I’m challenging them to do just that. Our ops teams need to be prepared for a restart of patient flows that may vary across referral sources and patient types.

But lastly, we need to embrace our normal rhythm of work for ourselves and each other. Returning to a normal rhythm is healthy for all of us because it moves our thoughts from feeling fearful about a mysterious threat and instead lets us take control of our situation. And when we shift from a mindset of powerlessness against COVID, we become powerful in our advocacy for our patients and for each other. Let’s own it individually, and then we can own it together.

I want to leave you with an opportunity to see the compelling, energizing Real Talk. Real Care video of Kristy Langdon, an RN with our Carthage office.

We shared it on Friday, just as we were all going into the weekend, and it’s possible you may have missed it. So, if you haven’t heard her testimony of how she made a difference in the life of a COVID-19 patient and lived out her call to purpose, please take this opportunity to watch.

We’ll have Real Talk.Real Care, Volume 5 for you tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. Talk again soon.


Steve’s Weekly Video: 4/9/20


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