Tuesday Update

Yesterday I spent some time talking about the need for us to resume our normal rhythm, our normal business expectations, and our readiness to execute. Life rhythms matter; that’s a proven fact. So for you, for our patients, for each other, and for AccentCare’s mission overall, I’m challenging us to focus and engage.

Because we’re a national company, we get the benefit of hearing about business changes that may impact one market ahead of others. That’s happened before with various CMS demonstrations, like RCD, and it’s happening now with COVID.

So, let me tell you what we’re hearing from Joanna Campaglione, our leader in New York. Joanna told our leadership council yesterday that, while Metro New York is still strained, there is a sense of positivity emerging. The two offices on the outer edges of the city, where the surge has passed, are starting to feel much more confident, and ready to resume life as close to pre-COVID as is safely possible. That may mean masks, it may mean hyper-vigilant hygiene and other things. But, the fear factor is ebbing quickly. That’s real.

It’s not guesswork or speculation. We all can learn a lot from the courage of our New York teammates, and learn from the community’s success moving into their own new normal with confidence.

Real is also what we wanted to bring forward with the Real Talk. Real Care. series and today is our 5th interview from the front lines. I want to introduce you to Charlotte Lark, RN, from our Ontario office. As you listen to her story, you can’t help but notice her poise, her professionalism, and her steady confidence as she recounts her COVID patient encounters. She really helped me connect with how determination and commitment bring you back to the back-to-basics of caregiving for these patients.

I also want to highlight something else about Charlotte. Teamwork. You’ll hear her words when you watch her Real Talk. Real Care. segment, but she stepped up to help another AccentCare office cover COVID patients while the office was ramping up. Charlotte, thank you for the excellent example of living out our AccentCare Core Values.

I’ll close tonight with one of my favorite things of the week: Recognizing the winners of our weekly Moments of Purpose contest on ACT. When I see the comments that you add to each other’s posts, I see that we all recognize the dozens of great examples of our shared values. Sharing our stories helps us all reconnect to our calling and builds a stronger Call to Purpose for our whole team. It was a hard choice again this week, so I’ve picked three again! You’ll notice a theme this week: all three are reaching out to support their community. Two of the three were examples of supporting our health care peers. Here are our weekly $500 team-building award winners

  • Port St. Lucie, FL, brought together 100 community members to show support for hospital staff, including a parade, pizza, DJ, and other treats.
  • Meridian, MS made “Heroes Work Here” sign and placed them in front of hospitals, ALFs/SNF, fire depts., and other locations where frontline caregivers work across their community
  • Waco, TX hospice has been relentless in their community outreach. Every week, they find new ways to connect… They shared 8 moments this past week, including the Easter bunny new story.

Have a wonderful evening. We’ll talk again tomorrow.


Steve’s Weekly Video: 4/9/20


Audra Macon & Kenna Bedgood

AccentCare Home Health – Port St. Lucie, FL

Tarah Boykin

Sta-Home Hospice – Meridian, MS

Candice Goswick & Vicki Johnson

Texas Home Health Hospice – Waco, TX