Thursday Update

We talked last Friday about the COVID-19 Response Team (CRT), our colleagues who are now treating COVID-19 patients. Something I want you all to know is the extent to which we trained and equipped the CRT so they could confidently accomplish their mission.

But before I do that, I really want to give Tracy Dent and Kayla Dowdle and their teams some well-deserved and well-earned gratitude for assembling an extensive training program. They thought through the entire scenario that the CRT might face, and constructed modules to make sure that AccentCare equipped the team with the knowledge and confidence they need to be successful.

1. Here are the topics the CRT is re-training on, and certifying before they can take on a COVID-19 patient.
2. Pre-visit patient call, identifying signs and symptoms, and preparing for the visit
3, Proper equipment cleaning for COVID-19 positive patients
4. Proper hand hygiene
5. Proper equipment for in-person visits with a COVID-19 patient.
– Donning and Doffing PPE properly
6. Supplies storage, cleaning, and maintaining
7.  Minimizing equipment and supplies that leave the home
8.  Proper waste and sharps handling and disposal
9.  Proper tablet use in an infection-control environment, including cleaning
10.  Full review of CDC guidelines on
– Signs and symptoms
– Prevention
11. Proper tracheostomy care in an infection control environment  Proper management of ventilator-dependent COVID-19 patients

It’s quite a broad re-training, but very necessary to give our colleagues exactly what they need to be confident as they provide care to their patients.

I’m going to paraphrase something that Chris Mitchell said to the leadership team on one of our daily planning calls: To ask any of our colleagues to offer care to a COVID-19 patient, we commit to giving them the equipment they need, the training they need, and by doing that, give them the trust in leadership that they need to be confident, capable caregivers.

And when all of that comes together, they’ll get to do what you all have done so often: make an indelible impact on the lives of someone who needs your help.

It’s not too late to join the team—just a reminder.

On Thursdays I share my video message, so let me leave you with encouragement to take the time tonight or tomorrow to watch and listen. I’m always appreciative of your feedback on the video & my messages, so if you find something in the video that resonates, let me know.