Tuesday Update

I hope you all had a great Tuesday.

There’s been many great stories of how AccentCare has pulled together to tackle COVID-19 together. I want to start today’s message with a heartfelt thank you to a group of people who have generously risen to a unique challenge. As I’ve mentioned before, many municipalities have mandated that the public wear masks in public. We’re a highly mobile organization, with caregivers and care partners en route to our patients many times a day.  So these rules, and they’re good rules of course, but these rules created a quick need for many masks.

Using our valuable PPE to meet the municipal rules isn’t the best option, and so we put a call for volunteers to our AccentCare family to help us make cloth masks for non-clinical times… like moving from place to place. Twenty-four of your colleagues stepped up to produce well into the thousands of masks. Thank you… Your generosity has helped numerous others, and I want to publicly let you know that you’re all appreciated. If I’ve missed a name, email me so that I can recognize you as well. As of today, here are the twenty-four mask makers: Mary Sheppard, Rochelle Burge, Tracey Bruner, Yeritza Smith, Angela Keller, Cat Arnold, Amarissa Buton, Yoko Ellison, Patricia Dresner, Bonnie Thompson, Doug Harper, Janelle Aranda, Charlene Drake, Tracy Leong, LeAnn Code-Peabody, Amy Campbell, Denise Hawkins, Jason Hobbs, Gretchen McCoy, Stephanie Spivey, Bonnie Minoletti, Jeff Franck, Laurie Uk, and Melanie Phillips. Thank you all.

If you’d like to help out, we’d appreciate your contribution. Just send a message to EPP@accentcare.com.

Let’s talk a little business. If you’ve followed any of the recent tragic news of COVID-19 deaths at skilled nursing facilities (SNF), you can’t help but feel for those patients and their families. SNF’s are essential for some who are recently discharged from a hospital. But for those patients who can avoid the density of people and frequent interactions, I believe there are better and safer options. AccentCare has an evidence-based Right Path Hospital-To-Home product that is a perfect solution for many. I’ve charged our leadership group with getting our program out to our referring partners as soon as we can. We can make a difference for many, and the time is right.

I’ll end today with our weekly Moments of Purpose winners, from your nominations on our ACT app. Sharing stories, victories, special moments, and just staying connected is an essential part of getting through COVID-19, together. Here’s our weekly winners, and as a reminder, each group will win a $500 team building prize. Our winners are:

  • Tracey Bruner, Texas Home Health – Waco, TX :   Rise Up
  • Cynthia Hill, AccentCare Home Health – San Ramon, CA : “Leading By Example”
  • Leann Code, AccentCare Asante Home Health – Medford, OR  “Heroes in Scrubs”

If you haven’t seen Tracey Bruner’s Rise Up video, you ought to. Here’s the link. Keep your posts coming.

We’ll talk again soon.