Wednesday Update

Good Evening and Happy Wednesday.

Starting early last week, I started sharing a message of resuming our regular business focus, or rhythms. We saw some softness in our home health business that we know we could reclaim with the right emphasis. Hospice has performed strongly throughout COVID-19, and our PCS line of business has already installed programs to recover lost hours.

By the end of last week, we started seeing a turnaround, and the message I want to share today is that the turnaround is being sustained. In fact, we’ve seen some nice pick-up in Georgia, Mississippi, Massachusetts and, most recently, Texas. We are still not where we need to be, but your efforts are making a difference. Think about what has been working for you over the past week, keep focused on what’s working, and keep pressing for that extra gap closure. We can get there.

To add to your efforts, I’ve launched an executive-sponsored growth strategy team to think big, optimize our newly launched tools, and take full advantage of the recent concessions and changes. That group developed a plan last week and is well into putting those ideas into action. That group is meeting weekly as a whole, each Friday, with sub-teams meeting much more frequently. The growth team will do great work, you will do great work, and our combined efforts will keep AccentCare strong, and our patients well cared for.

Whatever your role is, it’s essential none of us lose sight of the front lines. We all work hard to be a part of an organization whose work ultimately culminates with a caregiver in front of a patient in need. That’s why I think the Real Talk. Real Care video series is so meaningful. The raw, personal stories of our caregivers are great to hear, and they’re motivating. I hope as you listen, you find your own call to purpose as you hear from the front lines.

I share those videos in my daily updates, but we’ve also created a landing page on our AccentCare website, well as a COVID Video Vault channel on ACT, so you can watch them all and share with friends. You can find the whole series at this link LINK. Real Talk. Real Care. is also featured on the front page of our website. Take the time to watch. Connect. And of course, feel excited about the fantastic group of colleagues who work alongside you here at AccentCare.

We’ll talk again tomorrow.