Thursday Update

Our understanding of CV-19 is accelerating each day. Just in the last two days, the CDC has revised its return-to-work guidelines, and we’ve learned that the virus likely doesn’t live long in either heat or sunlight. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gone from a scarcity of tests to a variety of tests. And of course, the ventilator shortage sounds much less dire. All are good signs that we are moving into the next phase of this challenge.

In this week’s video, I go into what the next phase means for AccentCare and what we are doing now to seize the opportunity and to make a difference for our patients.

If I can summarize the main take-away, it’s this: We have an unprecedented opportunity to grow. We should be returning our organization to regular admissions productivity imminently, and the many new opportunities, new products, and new approaches will add to the growth. To get there, I need everyone’s commitment.

I’ll close today’s message with a great example of one of the transformative products, and you’ll be able to see the value we are creating quickly. The story comes to us from Billy Grau, Jovan Hollins, Jose Alvarez, Leena Patel, and our Southern California Team.

A patient discharged from UCLA, our strategic partner, was just settling in at home, and ready for her start-of-care with AccentCare in the morning. The patient’s home recovery included an IV, which was uncomfortable and causing her concern…. concern enough to call her physician, who in turn, reached out to our office.

Over the next few hours, we were able to confirm the IV complication and the patient’s emotional distress, too. Without waiting any longer, we quickly deployed our new Synzi platform. Through a telehealth virtual visit, our nurse was able to assess the discomfort, provide a care solution that provided relief, and provided significant comfort to the patient.

Our team quickly followed up with the patient’s physician, covered the steps, and reconfirmed an in-person visit the next day. The patient received exceptional, timely service, and was grateful. The physician saw and experienced the demonstrated value we provided to our shared patient, and he experienced a clear example of how AccentCare’s new telehealth capabilities can be a game-changer.

That’s a great story and one worth sharing. If you have an excellent example of how we’re seizing the opportunities before us, and providing great service, I’d love to hear them.

Have a great evening and a great