Friday Update

I hope you had a great Friday.

For our colleagues in states and regions that have started to re-open, this will be the first weekend that the public will be able to take advantage of the new options and new distractions. I’m sure the barbershops and the salons in Georgia will have long waits tomorrow, as will be the case everywhere when the local regulations change. After more than a month of being practically quarantined, even a limited re-opening feels very encouraging.

Because taking care of our employees is my first priority, and I said so going into the COVID-19 response, I really want you to enjoy the new freedom responsibly. If you venture out, please always mask up. Use good judgment if you encounter crowds, keeping a safe distance from others. And of course, now is the time to double down on your hand hygiene. And of course, encourage the members of your household to do the same.

I gave a quick update on our business earlier in the week, and so I’ll end the week with an update on our COVID Response Team (CRT), the volunteer group of caregivers who’ve been trained to take on COVID patients. As of today, that team is 341 caregivers strong, across our home health and hospice business! Among that group, 66 have been activated, which means that they’ve seen a COVID patient.

Those are really impressive numbers, but here is the number that I want you to focus on. That team, along with our PCS care partners and aides, have been able to impact the lives of more than 490 COVID-19 patients who, in many cases, wouldn’t have had access to care. And in some cases, those patients might not have been able to return home had we not stepped up. I’m proud of the CRT and your Commitment to Purpose. Exceptional Job!

I’ll send you into your weekend with the 8th edition of the Real Talk. Real Care series. Tonight’s voice from the front lines is Larry Kilpatrick, from our hospice line of business. Larry is a spiritual care coordinator at our Windsor, Colorado office. The first thing you’ll hear, and you’ll hear it clearly, is the true gift and heart of hospice. We do inspired work! But, the second thing I really want you to hear is Larry’s words on how we support each other through stressful, unprecedented times. Larry gives us some thoughtful perspective on self-care and team-care.

So, my message tonight as we all go into our weekend is to take care of your mind and spirit, celebrate our successes, stay focused so that we can achieve many more. And take good care of your team, whether it’s your work team or your household. Do all of that, and we’ll reach higher-ground, together.

Have a great weekend.