Monday Update


Happy Monday. I’m hopeful that you all had a nice weekend.

I’ve said often that our traditional patients are all out there, they’re in need, and they aren’t always in the same places as they were before CV-19 hit. It’s important to them and to AccentCare that we go find them and bring them on service. Today, I’ll let you hear another voice that agrees strongly. Here’s the link to the video. LINK

We’ve been doing great things in the California market for some time and across all of our lines of business. California is also home to two of our strategic partners, UCLA and UCSD. Last week, I had an opportunity to do a video interview with one of our southern California medical directors, Dr. John Geiss. Dr. Geiss is also a partner in a successful practice that provides mobile physician services, mainly to the senior population.

During our conversation, Dr. Geiss made several points, some I’ll share now, but I do want you to take the time to watch our interview so you can hear them all. The first thing that should resonate with you is this quote, “All of the normal things we are used to dealing with (strokes, falls, CHF) don’t magically go away during COVID-19.” The truth is, we’re seeing an increase in deaths in the home, especially in the hotspot states. Those aren’t just COVID-19 deaths, but more often, they are seniors or seriously ill people who aren’t getting the care they need.

The second point that I want you to take away is that taking no for an answer, especially when it comes to our patients who are in senior living communities, isn’t the right thing to do. Dr. Geiss and I shared a concern that far too many of our patients, often with complex health conditions, are not getting our help because their living community has closed down to outsiders. And, often the isolation adds stress and mental wellness problem into the mix.

So, take the time to watch my conversation with Dr. Geiss. Be proud of the great things we’ve done as an organization. You’ll hear his compliments and acknowledgment of the great things you all do every day. Think hard about ways you can connect to the people in the community who need our services, or need to come back on to our services. And be determined to not take no as an answer when a yes means that a person in need gets the care they deserve.

Let’s all have a great week.