Friday Update

Happy Friday:

Each week, AccentCare takes a huge step forward. Going into this week, our two major initiatives were to stand-up the COVID Response Team and to aggressively push PPE to the field while we replenished central inventories. I can safely say, AccentCare had a very successful week.

Something that did come into view this week, and its something I need everyone’s help on, is how we handle patients and clients who initially want to decline or defer service. Here’s how I see it, anyone who is referred to us is in need of our services, whether it’s for lifestyle sustainment, recovery or chronic disease management, or end-of-life support. We need to continue to reassure our patients, who may be caught up in the worries of these times, that we’re able to help them, safely.

I got a lot of really great feedback on the video I shared on Wednesday. Dr. David Pierce, M.D., an intensivist at Weil Cornell Medical Center did a great video for caregivers who might be concerned about COVID-19. I’m bringing it back up in my message because I want anyone who hasn’t seen it to take the time to watch. His words will arm you with trustworthy information from an expert on the front lines.

It was said in a meeting today, as we were reflecting on the massive projects we’ve completed over the past month, that the post COVID-19 AccentCare will be a transformed company. I think that’s true for many reasons: we’ve created new products like telehealth, we’ve built new competencies like supply logistics, we’ve establishes the IT infrastructure for a widely deployed organization. All true. But what I think is most transformative is the way this organization has come together to solve problems, inspired by a shared purpose. No time to let up. April and May will be a challenge. Yes. But we’re ready.

Last reminder. Several weeks ago, I mentioned that the Emergency Preparedness Team wants your feedback or your input on what’s on your mind. I haven’t mentioned it in some time, and so I’ll close by reminding you that you can always get information back to us by emailing

Get some rest this weekend. We’ll talk again at least once before Monday.