Friday Update


I hope you all had a great week.

When I hear stories like the one I’m about to share, it reinforces my strong feeling that there are many patients in our communities who need our help, and we have to go find them. We make a difference in peoples’ lives when we stay on them and encourage them to get the care they need. This is a real example of what goes right when we lean-in, all the way.

Katrina Garner, our RSM in North Texas shared this with me today.

The team in Denton, like many of you, have been very diligent staying connected to patients who have refused care due to COVID concerns. One call revealed a patient who was declining. He was weaker, his walking and motor coordination was declining, and he wasn’t eating as much as he had been.

The team figured out a way to contact the doctor, get the paperwork, and get the gentleman admitted within hours. And then, over the next several hours, they began to notice some alarming trends that led to the team’s recommendation that the patient needed to be in the emergency room immediately. A few hours later, the patient was hospitalized with a bleed and atrial fibrillation.

When the patient’s wife called the next day, her tone was sheer thankfulness. She said she would never have known he was so sick if we hadn’t been there to monitor, treat, educate, and ultimately triage him during a life-threatening situation. The doctors confirmed that if Jack hadn’t been brought into the hospital when he was, he would have passed away at home that night.

Jane Hale, Rebecca Raasch, Whitney Hopson, Diana Fain, Jackie Simmons, Kat McClendon, Lance Pennington, Amy Veteran and Katrina Garner, outstanding work! 

So here’s what I need you to take away: People need us to lean in, move forward, and get them the care they need. Today’s story started with a NTUC’d call, and it escalated to a lot more. Kim Sledd, the area sales VP, told the team, “Because of your teamwork, someone gets to hug their loved one tonight.”

And THAT’S why it’s time for us to put COVID primarily behind us, and move forward. That was my theme in last night’s message, and so if you haven’t watched my message from last night, please do so.

And a part of moving forward will be to end our rhythm of daily communication, which was a big part of preparing you to stand up to COVID-19. But we are past that now, and its time to refocus on our communities and our patients. I’ll still send an update a few times a week, and a video once a month because I want us to stay connected. I’m proud of all you are doing. We make a difference, together.

We’ll talk again later next week.


Steve’s Weekly Video: 4/30/20