March 1, 2020

To: All AccentCare Employees
Subject: Coronavirus – Being Prepared

As we welcome March, we also confront the unfortunate news of the spread of the Coronavirus. Our whole organization must take the Coronavirus seriously, so I’m writing to ask your assistance as we navigate through the next several weeks.

As an organization, our clinical team will be working with your leadership to prepare. It starts with all of us being educated and vigilant to avoid putting ourselves and others at risk. Proper handwashing, use of hand sanitizers, and avoiding touching our eyes, noses, and mouths with unwashed hands will go a long way in reducing potential transmission of the disease. If you become ill, not coming into work is better for you and those around you.

We are also working closely with our vendors to have the supplies we need to both protect our workers and care for our patients. Unfortunately, many supplies like face masks are already in short supply. It is critically important for all of us to be good stewards in the use of scarce resources during this time. These supplies allow us to properly care for our patients. Without them, we put ourselves and our patients at risk.

It is critically important that during this time, we remember the obligation we have to provide excellent continuous care to our patients. Soon we will be disseminating additional guidance on safety protocols and clinical guidelines for taking care of patients who have fallen ill. Until then, you can direct your questions to

Having you healthy is critically important to us and our ability to continue to care for our patients. At the same time, I’d ask for your patience and perseverance. There is a chance that as the virus spreads, some of us may become ill, and we will call on others of us to stretch ourselves to take on an additional patient load. Being flexible, willing, and understanding in working with your local leadership will help us all give our patients the care they deserve.

I know in times like these, headlines and irrational fear can get the better of us. As health care workers, we must act as guides and a calming force. For the vast majority of us, the Coronavirus may cause some uncomfortable inconvenience for a short amount of time. But to our patients, who are often older with multiple health conditions, it can cause severe illness and death. We have an obligation to them, not just as a company, but as health care professionals who have chosen to do what we do. Your leadership will be there with you. We will continue to look for ways over the next several weeks to support you and our patients.

I leave you with two quotes of one of the most famous health care workers:

“How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.”

“I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.”
Florence Nightingale

Steve Rodgers