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After a long week of standing up our AccentCare COVID-19 response, we want to be intentional, efficient, and organized with our communications to you. What that means is we want you to predictably know that you will hear from Leadership once a day every weekday afternoon and at least once over the weekend. In that daily message, called Organizational Announcements: Daily Coronavirus Update, we will not only give you an update of our efforts, but will also bundle together all other messages that you need to hear about instead of sending each message one at a time. In rare circumstances, we may need to communicate with you more than once, but on most days, you’ll be able to count on getting all you need to know and read in a single message

Waved Telemedicine Co-Pays

As Steve mentioned in his video and email update Thursday evening, the Executive Leadership Team has been working to break down any barriers you may feel in getting the care you need.

That’s why we are waiving all copays for all COVID-19-related telemedicine visits and COVIS-19 testing for employees and covered family members who have active medical coverage through AccentCare’s BlueCross BlueShield of Texas (BCBCTX) or Kaiser medical plans. We did not want cost to be an obstacle to you or your covered family members receiving COVID-19 care.

If you suspect you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, as outlined by the CDC, we urge you to seek medical treatment immediately. Telemedicine is a smart solution, available anytime, that provides clinical advice to determine next steps, without the risk of further infection in a hospital, emergency room, or doctor’s office.

For those covered by BCBCTX, we encourage you to proactively register with the telemedicine provider, MD Live. Go to www.MDLIVE.com/BCBSTX to register or see the attached PDF to learn more.

For those covered by Kaiser, see the pdf associated with your plan coverage type, or call the number listed.
Kaiser South: See PDF | 1-833-KP4CARE
Kaiser North: See PDF | 1-866-454-8855

If you seek treatment for COVID-19 through telemedicine, please identify this as the reason for your visit to receive the waived copay benefit.


Sticking Together & Talking About It

We’re going to get through this together, but while we are doing it, we shouldn’t stop talking. Times like these are when a strong community like our AccentCare community can pull together. And we’re going to keep the conversation going on ACT. We’ll start the conversation but we want to hear from you. Once a week, Steve Rodgers will pick a best post. The weekly winner will get a $500 prize to do something fun with your work team.
• First Conversation: AccentCare Heroes. Tell us about someone here at AccentCare that is stepping up and stepping forward. Someone doing something exceptional to support each other or support the community during this extraordinary time.

We’ll share with you a hero who is leading her community: Carolyn Loftin, from our Waco Texas Home Health Hospice office, is a social worker supporting our extraordinary hospice operations by day. In her free time, she’s the Mayor of historic Marlin, Texas. Carolyn is leading her community through the COVID-19 challenge, and making the tough choices need to keep her community safe. We hear she’s using our AccentCare communications to help her as she formulates what she’s telling her neighbors; of course, we’re grateful to help!
Congrats and godspeed Carolyn!

Slowing PTO During The Coronavirus Effort

All estimates point to needing to conserve resources over the next several weeks, or when the threat of COVID-19 subsides. Anticipating that at some time we will see fellow employees impacted, we are taking the necessary step to slow the use of purely optional PTO temporarily. Your manager is the best person to visit with if you believe you will be impacted.

Because this is a hardship for everyone, for the rest of 2020, we are going to suspend the current policy regarding the expiration of unused PTO. Any PTO that would otherwise expire in 2020 may roll forward into 2021.

We’ll return to normal operations as soon as we practically can

IT Security and Coronavirus Phishing

First and foremost I hope all of you are doing well in spite of the COVID-19 threat we all face today. Working behind the scenes in a IT Security function, it’s hard to truly understand what our health care providers are going thru, but one thing for sure, we are extremely impressed by and very proud to be associated with each and every one of you! You all are truly amazing people!

We wanted to reach out and alert everyone on a phishing scam that is being opportunistic on the COVID -19 pandemic. There are known COVID-19 phishing scams out there that appear to come from known organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asking you to either respond and/or click on a link and provide personal information. These are phishing scams so please do not fall prey, as legitimate organizations like the WHO or CDC will never ask you to provide personal information. Some tips:

1. Don’t be taken in by the sender’s name.Scammers can put any name they like in the “from” field.
2. Validate the senders email address. In this case, valid emails for the CDC and WHO will only come from NAME@CDC.GOV, and NAME@WHO.INT. Emails coming in from any other email address are scams and should be ignored and immediately deleted.
3. Never respond to an email or click on a link in an email and provide personal information without validating the sender. The best way to validate the sender is to contact them at a known/public phone number and confirm request. If you accidentally respond and/or click on a link, stop and call the IT Service Desk immediately at 866-364-8911 for assistance. Press option #3 for quickest response.
4. If you realize you just revealed your password to impostors, change it immediately as the scammers will attempt to log on as you within minutes of obtaining your credentials. Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance at 866-364-8911, press option #3 for quickest response.
5. To help protect you against these COVID-19 phishing scams, we are blocking emails coming from some known scam domains, for example CDC.COM, CDC.NET, WHO.COM, WHO.NET and more, but we can’t keep them all out, so please be diligent and keep your guard up.

Please be on the lookout for a communication next week for a very short 10 minute Phishing Training course for all employees. This training should be beneficial in helping all of us better understand how to protect ourselves against scams like these.

Please contact the IT Service Desk or any of the IT Security Contacts listed below should you have any questions regarding this communication. As always, please be safe out there!

AccentCare IT Security