March 4, 2020

To: All AccentCare Employees
Subject: Coronavirus – Launching Our Emergency Preparedness Plan


On Sunday evening we shared with you our thoughts about the emerging coronavirus challenge, and we prepared you for our organization’s vigilant response. We promised there would be more information to follow, and this afternoon we are making good on that promise.

In the past two and a half days, several teams have rapidly scaled up many initiatives that in concert will provide a comprehensive plan to minimize risk, and safeguard our patients and each other. For those of you who have worked tirelessly to this point, and those who will in the upcoming weeks, please accept our gratitude for these tremendous efforts.

On Monday, we activated the AccentCare Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP), officially operationalizing our company-wide response. For all of us, this means we will be asked to do certain things to ensure we are moving the EPP forward.

Beginning as early as this evening, you will receive an email directing you to mandatory Coronavirus Preparedness training. It’s imperative you complete the training immediately, and put into action the new process and skills. You will receive training requirements by email, and your direct manager will follow up to ensure compliance.

Additionally, we are asking that all non-essential travel be put on hold until further notice. Please speak with your manager and executive leader to determine if any planned travel is essential.

We’ve established a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that you can access anytime, as we will update them frequently based on the emerging information your inquiries. You can access FAQs anytime:


ACT App: Available on: Desktop | Apple | Google 


On our website:

  • Click “Coronavirus Info” in the top navigation
  • Choose “AccentCare Employees”
  • Enter the password “accentcare”


Following the instructions of our Emergency Preparedness Plan and putting those instructions into action ensures our best opportunity to successfully meet the coronavirus challenge. We are committed to communicating with you frequently. Until the crisis has ended, expect to hear from us at least once per week, usually at the beginning of the week.

If you have any questions, your manager is your first, best resource. You may also send your questions to us at

Steve Rodgers
Chief Executive Officer

Sara Castillo RN, BSN, PHN, MSN
Chief Nursing Officer, SVP