2020 AccentCare Culture Awards Ceremony

Compassion, Integrity, Resilience, and Teamwork are the Core Values that represent AccentCare. They shape us as an organization and as individuals.

This year is unlike any other, the pandemic has impacted each and every one of us. However, over the last several months, we have proven to overcome these challenges, and trust our leadership team and training. That’s why it’s important to recognize and honor individuals who answered their Call to Purpose by awarding them an AccentCare Culture Award. It’s just one of the many ways we express our gratitude for those who make our days a little brighter.

Congrats & Kudos from your AccentCare Family

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Past Culture Award Winners

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Amy Whitlock

Clinical Process Specialist
Dallas Support Center

“She has worked many hours assisting the team to develop a point of care platform that meets regulatory and policy standards for the organization.  She has a talent for bringing individuals together from different departments to help move us forward while maintaining the pillars of regulatory and compliance adherence.”

See her reaction video, here.


Ginger Hays

Behavioral Health, RN
Home Health – McKinney, TX

“When we were searching for volunteers to join the COVID Response Team, she was one of the first to volunteer. She educated herself on the virus, read articles, watched the news, kept up with the ever-changing recommendations by the CDC, and tried to stay on top of the information that was coming out. She is now confident in her abilities to see all types of patients regardless of their acuity.”

Watch her nomination video, here.


Heather Butts

Care Transition
Home Health – Methuen, MA

“She is the epitome of a team player, every manager’s dream employee.  Aside from doing her job every day with no complaints…she has also stepped up to the plate for the past five months and has been working every single weekend (sometimes 10 hour days) to manage all of the referrals on all the electronic portal.”

Watch her nomination video, here.


Laquina Canfield 

Care Partner
PCS – San Diego, CA

“She is an invaluable part of my family members’ care team.  Her attentiveness, dedication, demeanor, and overall resilience helped our entire family manage the complex, exhausting, and challenging situation of supporting a loved one who ‘graduated’ away from Hospice care. She has a sense of duty and an amazingly perfect balance of compassion and respect with enough command to both encourage progress and achieve compliance.”

Watch her nomination video, here.


Larry Williams

Bereavement Chaplain
Hospice – Waco, TX

“He’s the light every morning on our calls and the constant answer at the other end of the phone when I’m calling to help a patient. He’s the first one to represent any of our patients’ needs as well as the last one standing at their funerals and in-home goodbyes. Every time I check in with a family they tell me how much he has impacted their grieving process in such a positive way, and how he’s such an easing presence to their heartache.”

See his reaction video, here.



Luis Pitones

Intake Coordinator
Hospice – El Centro, CA

“When he receives a referral, he immediately works to obtain billing approval, consent forms, health history, and physical reports as soon as possible so the supervisor can evaluate for admission. He volunteers to deliver medication supplies at drop of a hat, if asked to, and is available to assist on weekends, holidays, including nights. He believes in being transparent with patients to help build trust, and he always seems to do the right thing by his team.”

Watch his nomination video, here.


Noemi Crawford

HR Generalist
PCS – New York City, NY

“At the beginning of COVID] she came to the office each day and reassured the department she would be at work to make sure the overwhelming calls could be answered and our work family was taken care of. She takes the time to listen and follow-up with employees and employees’ families…her tone and manner help put them at ease and settle the panic they may feel.”

Watch her nomination video, here


Rosenfelda Thorpe

RN, Clinical Supervisor

Home Health – Decatur, GA

“She rolls up her sleeves and goes into the field to see patients when we do not have assigned field clinicians to see patients that urgently need care.  Often she works 14 days straight and often very late hours. Unknowingly, she encourages me to stay positive and a reminder that the work she does and we support is very meaningful to the patients we serve.  Just when you feel invisible surrounded by your own whirlwind of work, she says something kind.”

Watch her nomination video, here.


Cassie Adams, RN

Two years

Northeast Texas Community College

Credentials/Licenses: Registered Nurse

Continue to try and succeed at instilling leadership and confidence into my team.


Esther Rullan

3+ years

Associates Business Administration – Eastern New Mexico State University-Roswell, NM

Certificate Computer Accounting – Southwestern Business College-Roswell, NM

My goal is to always “grow our business”! I also continuously work to expand my professional knowledge, strengthen our community relationships, work hard, and put forth my best effort. That itself opens up more opportunities.


Gail Ferreira, RN 

10 + years

Associates of Nursing, RN

To continue providing Hospice care as a nurse for as long as I can.


Jose Alvarez, PT 

2 years and 8 months

Credentials/Licenses: Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Possibly go back to college and get my PhD.


Lori Samuel, RN

11 years

RN/Certified Hospice Palliative Nurse

I want to prefect my role as Executive Director, then I would like to pursue the educational side of Hospice. I’d like to consider becoming a surveyor and offer my expertise on Hospice.

When I retire, I will write a book on my life as a Hospice RN/CM.


Rene Newland, RN

1 year, 2 months

2011-2015 RN Holmes Community College

1982-1983 LPN Jones Junior College

Continue to do my job to the best of my ability, and ensure that my patients are as satisfied and as comfortable as possible.

I am the type of person who can blend in with any situation. I do my best to talk with and treat patients on a level that they can understand.


Roman Pienkowski, RN

2 years in January 2020

Credentials/Licenses: RN, BS

I would like to attain a nurse practitioner license


Theresa Buntyn, RN

17 years

ADN Meridian Community College 1981 BSN University Medical Center 2000

Credentials/Licenses: ICD 10 Coding Certification HCS-D, Oasis certification COS-C, Gerontology Certified


Continuing with my coding and OASIS certification, increase technology skills, and focus on continuing education related to home health reimbursement and regulation changes.


Angel Kim

Account Executive, Home Health, Lawrenceville, GA

” Angel is patient-focused and always communicates and educates families along the way. She has compassion and understanding of how complicated the system can be for families and patients.”


Rashonda Prophet

Associate Director, Personal Care Services, Houston, TX

“Rashonda cares deeply about our clients and our staff. Her empathetic nature is a strength in resolving conflict or performance issues. She willingly inserts herself into any situation and makes every effort to understand the points of view of all involved.”


Yessica Aldana

Operations Manager, Personal Care Services, Bronx, NY

“Yessica never quits, no matter how big the challenge… I have seen her work for weeks on end to resolve issues for our patients, no matter how much red tape there may be.”


Michele Thompson

Licensed Vocational Nurse, Home Health, College Station, TX

“Michele is a true patient advocate and assesses each patient situation to get the patient cared for in a compassionate and timely manner.”


Doris Brown

Executive Director, Hospice, Houston, TX

“Doris is a team player. Even though a leader, when needed she participated in calls, admissions, visits, and night/weekend call.  Her calm demeanor and humor kept us dedicated to the cause.”


Nancy Dunn

Senior HRIS Analyst, Corporate, Dallas, TX

“Nancy worked with me on the Workday transition.  Even with many changes, she never made me feel stupid and took the time to show what was wrong and how to fix it, and still willingly helps  when we identify a gap!”


Cindy Morton

Scheduler, Home Health, McKinney, TX

“Cindy goes ‘above and beyond’. She consistently responds in a timely manner to emails and text messages no matter what time of day.  She goes to any length to fix errors or unexpected challenges even when they are not her responsibility.”


Dar Nelle Wright

Clinical Supervisor, Medical Home Care, San Diego, CA

“Dar Nelle ensures the field staff members she supervises are supported unconditionally.  She will go to a patient’s home at any hour of the day or night so a nurse and patient feel comfortable.”


Shanna Franklin

Physical Therapist
Decatur, GA

Professional Goal
Conduct family genealogy study and eventually travel to countries of origin and continue studies for manual therapy. Specialty

“The most rewarding part of my job occurs at night. That’s when I put my head on the pillow and know that I have done the best I could to make someone’s life better.  I made someone stronger, and I helped someone become a little happier.”


Stacy Tarrant

Hospice Social Worker
Austin, TX

Professional Goal
Continuing to learn and grow to get better at helping those in need.

“I’ve always had a servant and helper’s heart. This work allows me to use my education, knowledge, and skills while also allowing me to be myself.”


Dena Schwartz-Doty

Dallas Support Center
Dallas, TX

Professional Goal
Expand the Hospice Foundation concept to our other lines of business

“My proudest moment was getting the Hospice Foundation up and running.”


Deanna Montgomery

Clinical Supervisor, Home Health
Franklin, TN

Personal Goal
Visit Israel and do mission work with the last remaining Holocaust survivors.

“My passion is serving others, and nursing gives me the opportunity to do that.”


Michael Arenella

Brooklyn, New York
Director of Personal Care Services

Professional Goal
Obtain a Doctorate of Nursing Practice

“I love to be in the community, advocating for patients.”


Joseph Shiraishi

Assistant General Manager
Covina, California

Professional Goals
Keep learning new information and accept new opportunities provided by AccentCare

“The most rewarding part of my job is getting a family the full amount of nursing coverage needed.”


Delma Mitchell

Certified Diabetes Educator, RN, Home Health
Winona, MS

Professional Goal
Continue to take care of patients “one symptom at a time

“I love to be a guest in folks’ homes and hear their life stories. It is a reward to know that the education we give them will improve their quality of life and hopefully keep them at home.”


Lori Zaragoza

Scheduler, Home Health
College, TX

Fun Fact
Lori is an entrepreneur and the owner of LKZ Kreationz,  a craft business that does wreath-making.

“The most rewarding part of my job is keeping field staff happy with their schedules while keeping productivity.”


Karen Wagner

Regional Director Operations, Personal Care Services
College Station, TX

Professional Goal
Obtain a Master of Business online

“I love knowing that I have had a hand in changing some of the lives in our communities by assisting them with care, finding a match for them in a Care Partner, being there for them when they need an ear, or helping them find placement when the time comes to move  them from home to a facility.”