Tuesday Update

Good evening and happy Tuesday.

After more than a month of hearing a fairly grim outlook anytime you turned on the news, it’s been nice to have a couple of days of generally encouraging news about the impact of our social distancing efforts. For some of our markets, the peak is sooner and lower. But with each report, the fine print always has a disclaimer like “projections assuming full social distancing through May 2020.” So, stay the course and be vigilant in your COVID routine. By always following the guidelines, you protect yourself, you protect each other, and you protect our patients. But, please always keep in your thoughts those who are in the middle of hardship and suffering.

I hope you had a chance to see the first Real Talk. Real Care. Video, featuring – Bryce Prisock, RN. If you haven’t, please do. Thank you Bryce for sharing your message, your first Call to Purpose, and your thoughts about being one of the first to join the COVID Response Team. Your words and your commitment are inspiring. The link is here.

Likewise, it’s great to share with you some media attention our Waco Texas Home Health & Hospice offices received today. Like many of you around the country, the Waco offices have committed to easing the minds of our local senior living facilities. Tracy Smith and Robin McKenzie, you two are great brand ambassadors. Thank you to all of you for embracing our communities. We’re making an impact together. The video link is here.

On Tuesdays, I always close with our weekly Moments of Purpose winners from your entries on ACT. We had our highest number to choose from this past week. Just based on the comments, shares, and likes, your messages are connecting AccentCare. They’re great examples of our shared values, and they build a stronger Call to Purpose for us, overall. It was a hard choice again this week, so I’ve picked three again! My contest, my rules. Here are our weekly $500 team-building award winners:

• Carla O’Brien recognizing TV Cuellar, RN – Sales Clinical Liaison, Amarillo, Texas
• Satisha Swain praising Stephanie Spivey & Bonnie Minoletti, AccentCare Home Health in Redding, California
• Our Guardian Home Health office in Chattanooga, TN for their creative drive-in case conference
Please enjoy your evening. We’ll talk again tomorrow.