Wednesday Update

I hope your Wednesday has been a good one so far.

We’ve made a big deal about the COVID Response Team (CRT) because, well, it IS a big deal. As of today, we have 337 caregivers trained and ready to care for COVID positive patients. That’s going to be a big deal for us with every coming week, and today’s leadership call was a reminder. One of the things we are hearing from our Massachusetts colleagues is that the area’s acute care hospitals are finding it hard to place COVID positive patients back into the community. This is our moment to make a difference.

To our 337 COVID Team members, you all are living out an extraordinary Call to Purpose, and I thank you.. And, to all our caregivers and care partners, you also exemplify resilience, dedication and determination to care for patients/clients every day… you too have my admiration and respect, always!

That’s a great transition into our third Real Talk. Real Care. video.

I want to introduce you all to Sara Childers from our Senatobia Sta-Home Home Health office. Sara has seen and cared for COVID patients and will tell you about it. You’ll find her words and her experiences energizing and confidence-building. That’s really the point of Real Talk. Real Care. I want you to hear from each other as you all continue your Calls to Purpose during this unprecedented time, and find the confidence and strength to make a difference. Please take the time to watch it. The Link is here: REAL TALK. REAL CARE. Vol. 3

With unprecedented times, come unparalleled stories. I’ve shared several, I’ll share lots more. This one really struck me because of the courage and grace. It comes from Wendi Mathews, our regional administrator from the Petaluma office. Wendi told me about Lisa Thomas, an RN from the Petaluma branch.

Here is the set-up: Yes, we have 337 members of the CRT, but we have some specific offices that need more members. Our Northridge office is an office that needs some CRT help while they train new team members. When asked, Lisa raised her hand.

Let me let you hear Wendi’s words:

Just wanted to let you know – it looks like things worked out, and we will be able to send Northridge a COVID trained nurse for at least a week.

She was the first one to volunteer to be the FIT test nurse at all 3 locations, the first one to volunteer and complete the COVID-19 training, offered to go to San Ramon on a weekend to open up a COVID-19 pt, seeing they did not have staffing yet and now is traveling to Northridge to help support her fellow clinicians.

I am very fortunate and proud to have her on our team.

Lisa, I also, am fortunate to have you here on the AccentCare team. Thank you for being a part of our great company. And Wendi, thank you for your tremendous leadership.

Stories like these continue to pour in daily. I’m told an upcoming episode of REAL TALK. REAL CARE. will feature another nurse in southern California nurse, Charlotte Lark, who boldly raised her hand like Lisa did, to support her home office and Northridge.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which means the release of my next weekly video update. It’s a personal message, with a reflection on this moment as our country starts a holy week for many of us and our neighbors. Make sure you tune in tomorrow. Until then, have a great evening.