It’s good to talk to you again.

First, let me say Happy Nurses Week to all of our amazing nursing staff. You deserve our respect and appreciation every day, but this year, well, you’ve earned it ten-fold.  And I’ll say that goes for all of our caregivers on the front lines, in general. In normal times, we’ve found lots of ways to celebrate this week, but we’ll do it differently this year, with perhaps a few new surprises along the way. Sara Castillo, our Chief Nursing Officer, will have more to come on that.

As hospitals around the country continue to determine what path they will take to open their surgical suites to resume deferred elective procedures, we are having numerous conversations with our referral partners. Our opportunity is to re-think how AccentCare transforms the path to procedures and then the path back home. It’s exciting to hear the conversations taking place, and know that the value we bring is strategic and transformative.

Our business overall is seeing continued recovery, and even the rate of the pickup is accelerating. If there’s one area that I need everyone’s focus, it is in converting our referrals into admissions. The referrals are there, and they are growing. That’s clear. Let’s get those people on service and get them the care they need.

I’ll close a good report, during a celebration week, with our next Real Talk. Real Care edition. Meet Vicky Lupo, RN our VP of Clinical Services in New York. Vicky is a nurse, of course, and she’s also a COVID survivor. She gives a great account of her story, and reflects on what she’s seeing with patients as well.

I love her words “This is what we are trained for. We can’t let our fears get in the way.”  

Thanks Vicky for your poise, your leadership, and your Call to Purpose

Have a great Friday and weekend ahead.  We’ll talk again next week.