Patient Experience Orientation

Orientation Plan

The first step of your orientation is to review your discipline-specific orientation plan. Please click the button below to print this out, or ask an office staff member for assistance.

Within your orientation plan, make sure you have been provided with a filled out Steps for Success document. If this was not given to you by your supervisor, please request it.

General Orientation Manual

Next, as you’ll see on your orientation plan, is to spend the morning reading the general orientation manual, here below.

Patient Experience Manual

Next, as you’ll see on your orientation plan, take the afternoon to read your discipline-specific orientation manual, here below.

Introduction to PointCare

At this time, you will need to meet with an office representative to retrieve your tablet and ensure PointCare (AccentCare’s EMR) is setup for you.

HomeCare HomeBase | HCHB Training

The last step, before your competency, is to learn HCHB (AccentCare’s EMR). Your office representative will request a fake patient to be assigned to your tablet, and you will need to document on this patient by following the provided Scenario-Based Training Guides and videos below.