COVID-19 Daily Update 3/16

Monday Update

As we roll into the second full week of our AccentCare Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP), I want to take the time to let you know of just some of the immediate areas of focus of the Leadership team. I’ve had the opportunity to hear from our employees, through messages, and in-person during site visits, the most recent being this morning at our McKinney Service Center.

On top of everyone’s mind is the COVID-19 related safety of our work environment. So I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you what we are doing and also what is upcoming.

Our first tactic was to educate and train all employees on what COVID-19 is, recognizing the symptoms, and the importance of hygiene as a preventative measure. We then took some early steps to make sure that people who had symptoms or were returning from an impacted area were kept away from our work environment until we knew that it was safe for them to return

As you may have seen this weekend, White House Press Briefings started with an all-attendee body temperature screen. The CDC says that a body temperature over 100 degrees is considered one of the early symptoms of COVID-19. Many companies, AccentCare included, are seriously considering a method by which we increase the safety of our workforce by doing a body temperature check at the beginning of each person’s workday. How we do this in the least disruptive manner is under very careful consideration right now. Expect to hear more in the next few days on a process to best implement a temperature check in our larger offices, as well as our field operations.

While there are several initiatives underway, we are very disciplined in how we organize our efforts and create solutions that help you do your job and service your patients and stakeholders. Most of our efforts fall into one of six workstreams: staffing, prevention (including supplies), service center operations, empowering our sales team, how we use our talented workforce to tackle COVID-19 challenges, and how we continue to communicate to everyone so that we are all aware, engaged, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Each one of those six workstreams has a dedicated leader, a plan, and a reporting obligation to leadership.

I’m encouraged by the Call to Purpose of our AccentCare community. I can see it and hear it, whether in person, like my visit to McKinney this morning or through the updates from your leaders. Stay encouraged and committed. We can meet this challenge together.



IT Update: Fraudulent Websites

First and foremost, I hope all of you are being safe out there! We need you, our patients need you, and your families need you, so please regard the health advice provided by our AccentCare Executive Team, World Health Organization (WHO), and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We wanted to reach out and alert everyone on what we refer to as situational opportunists/scammers who are trying to take advantage of a major event, in this case, the COVID-19 pandemic. We are seeing an uptick in fraudulent web sites promising COVID-19 information, but in reality, their only intent is to steal your personal/private information and cause harm to you and AccentCare.

Because of this, we want to remind everyone to be safe, and only use the following two websites to obtain COVID-19 related information:

Please do not visit any other websites than the two listed above for COVID-19 information. Please refrain from googling or visiting other websites for COVID-19 related details, as it could put you and the company at harm.

Please contact the IT Service Desk or any of the IT Security Contacts listed below should you have any questions regarding this communication. As always, please be safe out there!

IT Security.

Moments of Purpose: Let’s Hear From You

health care is a calling. We’re all called to purpose daily, and sometimes intensely so at different moments of our career. Steve Rodgers shared with us his story of when he recognized his call to purpose; the moment when, as a young medic at Womack Army Medical Center, he knew that he was called to a life of serving others thought a health care vocation.

We all have a story to tell of why we are here, and in challenging time those stories become our foundation to build upon. If we each keep ourselves focused on what brought us to this calling, together we can tap into the energy, purpose, and fortitude to rise to the moment. And rising to the moment is what defines our profession, and defines AccentCare.

We would like to hear your own story, your call to purpose moment. Or, perhaps share a recent moment that distinguishes us as professionals. We would be honored to hear your moments, and draw energy as we all push together to show the world the difference we can make. We have created a Rise To The Moments channel on our ACT Ap for you to tell us your story.

As we mentioned in our weekend email message, Steve Rodgers will personally select a winning story each week. The winning story will earn a $500 award to put toward team building in your work unit.

We’re excited to hear what you share

If you don’t have the ACT Ap:
Search “AccentCare Today” from the Apple App or Google Play Store. Then download and register with your email address on file in Workday.
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Mandatory Training to Safeguard Us All

Training completion is critical to ensure you have a good understanding of how we are prepared for COVID-19. Training has been assigned to all of us, and completion is mandatory.

To best help you complete your training module timely, is an attachments to this message that will help you login to ACE, the AccentCare Education module. Also, we’ve provided some links to additional resources:

Register for a curriculum video
Completing a course in a curriculum video
Troubleshooting video
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Course Assistance video
Manager Dashboard View video

Should you have any trouble logging into ACE, please contact the service desk to resolve the issue, and make sure your manager is aware of the delay in completing the assigned training. Employee Website

Have questions? Either respond to this email or contact the EPP Team at