COVID-19 Daily Update 3/18

Wednesday Update

COVID-19 cases around the country are climbing, over 7,500 as of today, which is of no surprise.  health care leaders across America are considering progressive approaches to health care delivery in this new environment. One of those organizations that is trying something new and gaining attention for it is our strategic partner Steward health care.

Steward earlier this week took the bold step of dedicating the entire Carney Hospital in the Boston suburb of Dorchester to serve only COVID-19 patients. Moving all of the patients to a single location reduces accidental COVID-19 exposure to non-infected patients who are in the hospital themselves for other reasons. The concept also focuses resources where they are needed most.

We, too, are have moved rapidly to adopt new approaches to care. Just last night, I mentioned telemedicine as a tremendous opportunity.  Today, an AccentCare team assembled a work plan, a rollout date, and a tremendous strategic partnership opportunity with a telemedicine platform called Synzi. I am challenging that team to have people on the street, marketing our new telemedicine capabilities by the end of the next week. There is a lot of opportunity for AccentCare in this telemedicine strategy, and I bet I’ll have a very positive update for you on our rollout no later than next Wednesday’s message.

This brings me to the final thing I want to share with you today. Our All Hands Meeting broadcasts have been a quarterly ritual for some time now.   Our first quarter, 2020 All Hands date, was initially planned to be in the next couple of weeks.  However, we are going to do something a little different this quarter.   We want to have a more focused conversation with smaller groups of employees.   That would let us dig deep into what is on your mind, and we can let you know what’s on our mind too.   So, in the upcoming couple of weeks, members of the executive leadership team & I will be holding a series of town halls with all of you, broadcast as we always do on our Live Stream video broadcast.  You’ll see the invite on your calendar within the next few days.  Make the time to join us wherever you are, if at all possible.  If you can’t, please plan to watch the archived broadcasts.

Remember:  Tell us your Moment of Purpose here on ACT. I’ll read them all. One of the entries is going to win $500 for some well-deserved team-building.



Watch Steve’s COVID-19 Video

Ensuring Patient Privacy

As we all know, part of caring for our patients is respecting their privacy. As you can imagine, the media interest in COVID-19 is quite high and will remain so for many weeks, especially as new cases are confirmed in our communities.

As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, we must not lose sight of our legal and professional obligations to safeguard our patients’ medical information. Even under a time like this, when our profession is at the center of the most important news story across the globe, we must continue to respect the privacy of all of our patients, and know that we are all legally bound by HIPAA regulations. It’s a great time to remind each other that we all should:

  • Only access patient information to complete employee-specific job duties and for job-related functions, and only access the minimum amount of patient information needed to complete the job at hand. Our Compliance team routinely monitors access to clinical records as a safeguard to patient privacy, to ensure all access is appropriate.
  • Never discuss patient information with anyone other than those who have a need-to-know related to the provision of care to that patient. And of course, never have that conversation in a public area where conversations can be easily overheard by others.
  • Never post any items or information about our patients on any social media site, even if you think it might be de-identified information. This includes responding to related posts on social media sites.
  • Keep in mind that anything that can identify a patient is considered protected information.
  • Never, under any circumstances, speak to the media without an official AccentCare spokesperson present.

Thank you for doing what you do with the utmost professionalism, always respecting the privacy of all of our patients and their families. We are so proud of the work you are doing to care for our patients, their families, and each other.


Updated Workday Process: Requesting Time Off

Although we hope you and your family will not face any implications related to COVID-19, we are aware that this pandemic could have implications for our employees. While we have taken steps to temporarily slow purely optional PTO, we realize at some point, you may need to take PTO because of the effects of the coronavirus.

That’s why we have updated the business process for submitting a time off request through Workday to now include a third option for the “Reason” you are requesting time off. The new addition is “EPP”, which stands for our Emergency Preparedness Plan that is currently activated for COVID-19.



When to Utilize: Taking time off for Emergency Preparedness Plan (i.e. Coronavirus)

Planned Time Off

When to Utilize: Taking scheduled time off (i.e. scheduled vacation time, time off for a planned surgery, etc.)

Unplanned Time Off

When to Utilize: Taking unexpected time off (i.e. Flu, family member injured, etc.)

You should choose EPP as your “Reason” if any of the following apply:

  • Presumed positive for COVID-19 – no conclusive test yet
  • Confirmed positive for COVID-19
  • Childcare not available due to school or daycare closures related to COVID-19
  • Not comfortable coming to the office environment due to COVID-19

We have included a Reference Guide to assist, and if you have any questions, please contact your HR Business Partner or email

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Workday Reference Guide – Requesting Time Off 3.18.20


Free Resources to Help You… Anytime

Everyone handles and copes with the stressors and uncertainties during times like this, and AccentCare cares about you and your family’s total health management — mental, emotional and physical. For that reason, we provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with LifeWorks by Morneau Sheppell at no cost to you.

Whether you are interested in work/life resources, mental health assistance, or legal and financial advice, the EAP service can connect you and members of your household with a variety of professionals. With just one phone call, at any hour of the day or night, you can have access to helpful resources. The EAP benefit includes five face?to?face visits per issue with a licensed professional. All services provided are confidential and will not be shared with AccentCare.

We’ve included a PDF below, from the EAP, to help you understand what to expect and how to manage. You may also access information, benefits, educational materials and more either by phone at 866-695-6327 or online at

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: AccentCare EAP – COVID-19 Resources