Slowing the  COVID-19 pandemic has required we all work together, following the guidance of the CDC and our state public health leaders.

We’d like to take the time to tell you what AccentCare, and our family of companies, are doing to responsibly protect our patients and yours.

AccentCare has responsibly prepared its team for Coronavirus, COVID-19, from day one.  As the first cases appeared in North America, AccentCare trained, checked, and double-checked our protocols, and then established a central command and control structure to manage our care delivery system from our offices all the way to our patient’s home.

In every community we serve, we have leaned into the challenge that the entire health care community faced, and sought out solutions to improve care and throughput for everyone.   Through this challenging time, we are have reaffirmed our connection to many health systems and physician groups, and used this opportunity to innovate care, with the patient always at the center of what we do.


How does COVID-19 Impact Homebound Considerations:

  • “Homebound” definition currently includes suspected exposure to, or diagnosis of, COVID-19
  • Also, the CARES Act expanded authorization for home health orders to an NP, PA, or CNS. Our staff can assist with information and support if needed
  • To help you understand how more of your patients may now qualify for Home health, please see this link 


Here are some of the steps AccentCare has hardwired:

  • We are vigilantly following CDC’s communication and guidance
  • Extensive training according to role and job
    • No matter the role, all AccentCare employees are required to complete training based on the CDC’s coronavirus fact sheets.
    • Caregivers, field personnel, and those that are involved with the facilitation of care are required to complete job-specific training including proper use of PPE.
  • We have incorporated screening questions in our intake and patient encounters. Those screenings are hardwired into Homecare Homebase, our medical record.
  • We have repeatedly communicated the utmost importance of hygiene.
  • We are tracking our own employees’ exposure and risk, and taking steps to limit their interactions when necessary.
    • Before each home visit:
      • Our caregivers call ahead to assess if there is a risk of entering the home
      • Perform a self-symptom check and attest to such in HomecareHomebase, our electronic medical record.
  • We are actively implementing multiple employee vaccination initiatives.


Does AccentCare utilize telehealth or telemedicine?  

AccentCare and its family of brands today do use telehealth and telemonitoring in support of the ongoing care of our patients.   AccentCare evaluates patients according to defined criteria to determine appropriateness for either telemonitoring or telehealth solutions. Those workstreams and pathways are unimpacted by COVID-19.   AccentCare, in anticipation of an increased telehealth utilization, has deployed a best-in-class telehealth suite of tools.   Follow this link to learn more of AccentCare’s telehealth solutions.


What do you need to do differently?

Our processes are hardwired to intake new patients with a coronavirus travel and symptoms screening. However, if you are aware of any clinical information that would help us best care for the patient; we welcome that through accepted clinical information transfer, or in the order.

Likewise, we will be in communication with you, as we always are, when there is a change in the patient’s condition.


Thank you for trusting AccentCare with your patients. We are honored to work alongside you as we face the coronavirus challenge together as a unified medical community.