As a leader in Senior Living, you know how unprecedented the last year and a half has been.   Slowing the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) requires we all work together, following the guidance of the CDC and our state public health leaders.
While no one could predict the rapid emergence of this pandemic, we started our internal preparations in January or 2020 and have continued to improve them in 2021 and will do so beyond.   Some of the plans that we activated in the late Winter of 2020 include:  engaged.


AccentCare is prepared to responsibly protect your patients and residents by:

  • We are vigilantly following CDC’s communication and guidance
  • Extensive training according to role and job
    • No matter the role, all AccentCare employees are required to complete training based on the CDC’s coronavirus fact sheets.
    • Caregivers, field personnel, and those that are involved with the facilitation of care are required to complete job-specific training including proper use of PPE.
  • We have incorporated screening questions in our intake and patient encounters. Those screenings are hardwired into Homecare Homebase, our medical record.
  • We have repeatedly communicated the utmost importance of hygiene.
  • We are tracking our own employees’ exposure and risk, and taking steps to limit their interactions when necessary.
  • We have an aggressive vaccine program, facilitated by our Chief Medical Officer, and supported by a vaccine resource team.


What do you need to do differently? Our processes are hardwired to intake new patients with a coronavirus screening. Nothing will change for you. We have hardwired all of our processes, and have very successfully cared for thousands of who make their home in a senior living facility.


How we can work together:

  • Even though our intake process includes a pre-visit call, if you are aware of any community policy changes that may impact our ability to deliver health care to a resident, we welcome that communication as soon as possible.
  • We are vigilant about the use and utilization of PPE for the safety of your residents, as well as our caregivers.
    • Please allow us to follow CDC guidelines according to the situation at hand.
    • We will always take the time to clarify our compliance if you have a question.
  • Visit for the most current information about our COVID-19 response. Just look for “Coronavirus Info” on the top navigation bar of our home page.

If you determine that restricting access to outsiders is in the best interest of your clients, we will, of course, honor that. We would, however, like your help in maintaining clinical contact with our patients. Whether that be in acceptable face-to-face access or use other means such as telehealth to administer care. Your regular AccentCare representative can help you with this.


Commitment to Safety:

AccentCare has no recorded patient-to-caregiver or caregiver-to-patient transmission though at least the ? rst from the activation of the COVID Emergency Response Team.


Thank you for trusting AccentCare with your community. We are honored to work alongside you, as we face the coronavirus challenge together, as a unified team.