Safeguarding your Elective Procedure and Recovery

Does this sound like you?: Your physician has recommended an inpatient procedure based on a diagnosis and assessment of your best options. While that procedure was temporarily postponed due to the coronavirus, we are pleased to advise that conditions now allow your physician to safely schedule your procedure and related appointments.

Or Perhaps:  You’ve recently been told that a procedure is necessary, and should be scheduled soon.

Not long ago, the decision to move forward quickly was an easy call to make. But now, during the pandemic, you may have some questions or concerns.

Having a great relationship with your trusted physician and choosing the right at home recovery solutions will help you make decisions that lead to the best outcomes for your health as well as an exceptional care experience… all with peace of mind.


You may have heard your procedure is “elective” and assumed it to be an optional procedure that can be delayed indefinitely. That’s not likely the case. “Elective”, in medical terms, means the procedure is currently a non-emergency, but is still clinically necessary.

Below are some considerations related to further postponing necessary procedures.

  • Postponements cannot continue indefinitely for most patients, without some degree of risk
  • Deferring important medical procedures can result in a condition becoming more serious over time, making recovery more challenging
  • Some conditions, left unattended, can result in prolonged discomfort at home, or emergency care, in some cases
  • Recovering at home, instead of a facility, helps limit your exposure


Your physician carefully supports patients throughout the health care journey. To help with that they formed referral relationships with home health providers that they trust, and through this relationship your physician’s orders for care are seamlessly extended into your home.


This is why AccentCare has collaborated with your physician to provide a safe way to limit the number of times you leave the safety of your home.

Your physician has already shared with you all of the necessary precautions taken to ensure your safety, and the same is true of the hospital or surgery center where your procedure will be scheduled. But you may be concerned about the frequent hospital and office visits for pre-surgery preparations or post-surgery recovery.

Your physician can carry out care orders via nurses, therapists and other care providers who conduct clinical visits at home and/or remotely, using telehealth to monitor your health at home. This limits your interactions with others to as few individuals as possible.

Those that do enter your home will follow strict rules to safeguard your health.

  • Caregivers are prepared to meet and exceed CDC guidelines:
    • Extensive coronavirus training including proper use of protective equipment, hand hygiene, and protocols to always use infection
      control precautions
    • Requirement to do a mandatory symptom self-assessment immediately before arriving at your home
    • Screenings for patients to help ensure any suspicious symptoms are brought to light and acted upon appropriately
  • Conduct necessary in-person visits at a safe social distance as much as possible
  • Substitute telehealth visits instead of in-person visits where possible
  • Provide additional care support with behavioral health nurses, to work with you along the way, if you experience anxiety or feelings of isolation

We’ll accommodate your needs and preferences as much as we can to assist you in moving forward with your procedure in a way that makes you most comfortable.

Your Health is our First Priority

Your physician team, your hospital, and AccentCare each remain focused on providing you with outstanding care. Thank you for trusting us as partners with you along your health care journey. We are all committed to protecting the health and safety of our patients… every step of the way.