East TX Marines Honored for Helping Fellow Veterans

LONGVIEW, Texas — A Longview hospice took time to recognize some very valuable volunteers Wednesday afternoon.

Members of AccentCare Hospice & Palliative Care in Longview honored two Marines Corps veterans who volunteer their time and help fellow veterans going through hospice care.

Vietnam War veterans Jim Jones and Will Haggard have spent the past 12 years as part of a contingent from the Longview Marine Corps League, meaning they help make their last moments better for those in hospice care.

“All of these patients have seen some pretty horrible things, and they are at the end of their lives. Some of them want to burden themselves with it. Some of them just want some camaraderie with someone with a common bond,” Jones said.

Pam Fletcher, AccentCare Hospice executive director, said the hospice facility appreciates having volunteers like Jones, Haggard and others.

“We are really blessed to have them to come in and spend the extra time with our patients. The patients in the families really just love it,” Fletcher said.

As part of their appreciation day, the hospice workers also recognized a local veterinarian and therapy dogs from the Canine For Christ Ministry for their years of service.



East Texas Marines honored for helping fellow veterans in hospice | cbs19.tv