24/7 Compliance Hotline

At AccentCare, Integrity is one of our core values, and we are committed to doing the right thing for our employees and our patients, always. We can’t imagine doing it any other way. We strive to provide consistently exceptional care to our patients and their families. Always in compliance with applicable legal requirements and standards. In our efforts to meet these goals, we maintain a comprehensive Compliance Program.


Community and Continuing Education

AccentCare offers our care partners first-class education that will ultimately lead to better care and outcomes for our shared patients. We know time and resources are never in abundance, so we’re proud to deliver a variety of virtual online continuing education courses that fit the needs and schedules of those we work alongside.


Patient-Driven Grouping Model

Medicare’s Patient-Driven Groupings Model is a patient-centered payment system that places home health periods of care into more meaningful payment categories while eliminating the use of therapy service thresholds for adjusting payment for home health episodes.

Effective January 1, 2020


by HomeCare HomeBase

AccentCare partners with ProviderLink to facilitate faster starts of care and transparent communication. ProviderLink is an electronic medical record that makes it easier to share timely data to address order requirements and visit observations which is critical to better patient outcomes.


Electronic Medical Record Access

By partnering with a variety of electronic medical records (EMRs) such as Doctor Alliance, Epic, and StructureSign, we make it easier to share timely data to address order requirements and visit observations while minimizing follow-up phone calls and faxes.


Hospice and Palliative Care Resources for You and Your Patients

AccentCare has an array of tools to help you, as a clinician, explain what hospice is and how it can provide a better end of life experience for your patients who are ready to embrace a different model of care.


Stories of Caring

for Health Care Professionals

At AccentCare, we understand that health care professionals don’t have the time to search for hours on end to find the materials that matter to you and your profession. That’s why we offer a variety of learning resources from trusted sources and the cutting-edge research, with insightful case studies and relevant articles. We’re proud to deliver a variety of accurate, timely, useful information, cultivated and designed to help you develop your skills and expand your understanding as caregivers.

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