At AccentCare, we see the whole picture. With deep expertise across the continuum of personal, home health, hospice and palliative care, we know how to build better, connected solutions. We also know what matters most to our strategic partners: improving clinical outcomes, solving their challenges and navigating the seismic shift to value-based care.

Innovative, Comprehensive Solutions

With more than 60 strategic partnerships with insurance companies, physician groups and major health systems – including joint ventures with Asante, Baylor Scott & White Health, Fairview Health Services, UC San Diego Health and UCLA Health – we continue to build on a foundation of excellence to advance the standard of care for our patients, our partners and our industry.

Accelerate the Start of Patient Care

With HomeCare HomeBase, a partner-centric operating platform, we realize faster referral acceptance and timelier care, which maximizes partner time and resources.

Proven Effective Care Models

With more effective care models that include our proprietary RightPath® clinical pathways, care management and transition services across the full continuum of care for patients with acute and chronic needs.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

With innovative technology, we closely monitor performance and outcome data, such as HEDIS and STAR measures, at the point-of-care to address patient care gaps.

Reduce the Cost of Care

With strategic payment models, including bundled payments we can reduce the cost of care.

Proven Reduction in Hospital Re-admission Rates

We are among the best in the nation. And we have the quality scores to prove it.

More Experience.
More Value.

Through well-coordinated services and innovative problem-solving, we help progressive health care systems, physician groups, community facilities and payers become more efficient, create greater value and drive our industry forward.

Our Product Suite

The AccentCare Advanced Community Care Model achieves results with established protocols and workflow in five key areas:

  • Communication for faster admission and order processing
  • High-risk patient identification
  • Disease-specific programs
  • Behavioral health recognition and accommodation
  • Technology in the home

Designed for at-risk patients who need an extra level of care to help ensure their recovery, this program includes RecoveryCare Transitions™ and RecoveryCare Intensive™.


RecoveryCare Transitions is care management to assist with home assessments as well as the coordination and attainment of services that contribute to a safe and smooth 30- to 90-day transition period including:

  • In-home and phone visits
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Early recognition of symptoms requiring intervention
  • Pain assessment
  • Tele-monitoring*
  • Care navigation including arrangements for follow-up appointments

*Services vary by location

RecoveryCare Intensive is rigorous, front-loaded, and intensive in-home rehabilitation, skilled nursing and support services for activities of daily living. All are delivered in a health care program created to make home a safe and comfortable place for the patient to recuperate from the following types of conditions:

Behavioral Health

  • Cardiac
  • Diabetes
  • Orthopedic
  • Behavioral Health

This service offers intensive on-going home care for complex or fragile patients to help manage their chronic conditions in the home.

  • Complex chronic illnesses
  • Diabetes
  • Social and behavioral health conditions

This specialized care is focused on relief from symptoms while supporting emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

  • Right Path®Palliative Care
  • Hospice care

We have dedicated Telehealth Team to support remote care.

  • Virtual visits, via an exclusive video platform partnership with Synzi
  • Telemonitoring* devices for near real-time data to identify changes in patient condition

*Services vary by location

Patient Benefits

  • Reduce exposure/spread of COVID-19
  • Reduce hospitalization
  • Reduce emergency department utilization
  • Secure, HIPPA-compliant platform
  • Increases capacity for patient visits, by more effectively deploying home health resources

How it Works

  • Physician orders home health for patient
  • Accepted patient receives welcome call
    • Introduces and explains home care
    • Validates information (including presence of smart devices
  • Nurse makes initial home visit
    • Conducts routine assessment
    • Develops plan of care
  • Nurse evaluates applicability of supporting technology
    • Determines need for telemonitoring
    • Screens for most appropriate option
    • Orders appropriate device
  • Determines if patient could benefit from virtual visits

Case Study: Improving Access and Timely Care for Vulnerable Patients Referred to Home Health via Telehealth Physician Support

AccentCare and Sound Physicians partnered to develop a scalable, evidence-based program that leveraged the COVID Public Health Emergency (PHE) telehealth waivers to speed access to Home Health services for eligible patients. The purpose of the AccentCare-Sound Transition Program was to:

  • enhance access to home-health for the population of patients without an assigned community physician;
  • improve clinician-to-physician communication, and;
  • facilitate telehealth patient contact with a physician to overcome technology barriers.

Click here to read the full case study.

Patient Qualifications 

  • Physician order for AccentCare home health services
  • Smart device already in the home such as phone, tablet (Apple iPad, Samsung, Chrome), or laptop computer with camera
  • Physician agreement to include virtual visits in plan of care
  • Willing participation (patient and/or caregiver)

Patient Qualifications 

  • Physician order for AccentCare home health services
  • Smart device already in the home such as phone, tablet (Apple iPad, Samsung, Chrome), or laptop computer with camera
  • Physician agreement to include virtual visits in plan of care
  • Willing participation (patient and/or caregiver)

How It Work

  • Patients will receive in-person guidance from a trained home health nurse at, or shortly after, start of care.
    • Initial home visit to conduct assessment and develop plan of care
    • Set-up assistance for patient and/or family caregiver
    • Download Synzi app onto smart device in the home
      • Log in to register with date of birth (HIPAA-compliant)
      • To participate in a home visit, simply accept the video call
    • Reminder to call our local office with any questions or future needs regarding the app
  • Physicians can virtually participate in home health visits.
    • AccentCare case manager can schedule with physician in advance
    • At start of scheduled visit, link sent to physician for merged video call

Services vary by location

Supplementing Quality Home Care for At-Risk Patients

We supplement clinician home visits with telemonitoring for remote clinical observation to discern change in condition and enable timely changes in care plans.

We have partnered with Medtronic, a leader in the creation and supply of medical devices, to enable the collection of near real-time biometric data to:

  • Help decrease risk of exposure
  • Support quality outcomes
  • Reassure patients who may feel insecure about their health

Patient Qualifications 

  • Unstable or new condition
    • Asthma | Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) | COPD | Diabetes | Hypertension
  • At-risk for re-hospitalization or emergency room visit
  • Concern for COVID-19 exposure
  • Absence of cognitive or relevant physical impairment for patient and/or caregiver
  • Safe home environment
  • AccentCare home health patient for a minimum 2-week plan of care
  • Physician and patient willingness

Patient Benefits

  • Increases frequency of valuations
    • Improves real-time symptom management and compliance
  • Easily share vitals and reports
  • Live video conferencing with medical professionals | Include a family or caregiver in these consults
  • Reduce exposure/spread of COVID-19
  • Reduce re-hospitalization rates
  • Reduce emergency department utilization
  • Reduce patient anxiety due to uncertainty about their health and fear of exposure

How It Works 

Following our initial home visit, the patient receives in-person guidance from a specially trained home health nurse.

  • Nurse identifies the device best suited to capture patient’s biometric data such as:
    • Blood pressure – Blood glucose – Pulse – Weight – SPO2
  • Shipment is tracked for notification of arrival
  • Telenurse calls patient and/or caregiver to explain how to set up device
  • Dedicated Telehealth Team provides support
    • Physician-established patient-specific parameters programmed into device
    • Data received and reviewed daily
    • Remote problem-solving when feasible (e.g., change in medication, weight gain)
    • Dispatch of nurse or initiation of virtual visit when needed
  • Custom reports available upon physician request
Available in Minnesota ONLY at this time

Offers a variety of home safety and medication management devices, along with professional installation, guided instruction, and customer support.

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