Letter from CEO: Supporting Employees Impacts their Lives and the Lives of Those Served, Part II

It’s been an amazing week. If the test of an organization is how it responds to adversity, then I’d give us an A+. I’d like to share the following with you…

Let’s start with the statistics –
Our Employee Assistance Fund has raised over $29,000. This is being matched by the organization for a total Harvey EAF fund of $58,000. Fifty-four employees have already asked for assistance and we have distributed over $24,000.

Through yesterday, over 1,000 PTO hours had been donated for people needing time off to get their lives back together.

We’ve worked hard to keep people paid through this difficult time. Over $500,000 was used to fill the gaps on timecards to keep our people whole, and over $350,000 was used to supplement the pay for our personal care attendants.

Almost $30,000 in gift cards was distributed to offices for staff severely impacted by the storm.

Let’s take a look at our actions –
Four U-Haul vans were loaded up with donated items (cleaning supplies, clothes, food and other items) from Texas Home Health offices and Corporate Support/Service Centers, and collectively driven by Dallas leadership over 1,600 miles to areas impacted by the storm. Along the way, the generosity of our employees inspired others, too. In one case, someone who saw us loading up our van at a Walmart donated two bags of additional items for us to take to Beaumont.

At each of the offices, time was spent with our people to assess impact and begin the process of figuring out what more we must do to repair the lives of those hurt by the storm. In many offices, counseling services for staff have been put in place to minister to the emotional healing of not just those impacted, but those serving.

Our physician practice partners (Austin Regional Clinic, Premier Physician Group and Texas Orthopedics) supplemented our efforts by donating supplies and gift cards worth over $4,000. This is a great testament to the strength of our relationships with providers in our communities.

More amazing to me was what was already happening before we arrived. Across Texas, and in some cases across the country, AccentCare and Texas Home Health offices were already rallying to take care of those affected. And the stories of employees who had lost everything, but were still serving others and their communities, were truly inspiring.

And the work continues. Over the next week, we will better assess the long-term needs of those impacted. Once we have that, we’ll work to find ways to mobilize resources to help our people move forward.

Lastly, on a very personal note, I want to tell you how much it means to me to lead you. Your actions, generosity, faith, and commitment to each other, humble me. We are a community of people, defined by our actions, connected through a common mission of exceptional caring. That caring starts with each other, and translates to the people we serve. That mission is alive at AccentCare.

  — Steve Rodgers, CEO