Music Therapy

Sometimes when a patient is feeling sad, distressed, or in pain, hearing a familiar song from their youth or that brings back a particular memory seems to have a soothing effect. In fact, this is proven by science! Music therapy is provided to all of our patients who desire it because of the comfort and support that we’ve seen it provide again and again. Music Therapy is live music provided by our trained and Board-Certified Music Therapists. The American Music Therapy Association defines music therapy as “…an established health care profession that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals of all ages.” 

What Would Music Therapy Look Like for Me or My Loved One?

Our music therapists have a large repertoire of musical favorites and genres so that they can play and sing many songs upon request. Our music therapists also learn the songs that our patients love so that the next time they visit they’re able to share them.  

Depending on what the patient and family desires, our music therapists can create a soothing background, or they can provide a musical experience that the patient and whole family can engage in together. Our music therapists show up with lots of ideas and experience, so whether a patient loves jazz or has never had a favorite genre, they’ll be able to create an environment that is calming and comforting for the patient and family.

Music Therapy Can Include:

  • Listening to live songs that are meaningful to the patient and family  
  • Participating in singing and/or instrument playing  
  • Music-assisted relaxation techniques 
  • Creative songwriting and self-expression 
  • A soothing backdrop while a patient is undergoing a medical intervention  
  • An interactive project for patient and/or family to create legacy projects, recordings, and slideshows that will become keepsakes for the family 
  • Stress relief for family and caregivers  

Music Therapy in Action

Our patient Mr. Greg found great joy through music therapy.

Who Should Receive Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is appropriate for every patient who feels comfortable receiving it. Not only can music positively affect heart rate, blood pressure, respirations, and release of the body’s natural painkilling chemicals, but it can also help with emotions like fear and distress. Even when people are no longer conscious or speaking, we can console and comfort them with music. Research has shown that the ability to hear and benefit from music is the last of the senses that registers with a patient who is dying, so no matter where someone is at on their end-of-life journey, music therapy can always be provided. 

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