Open Access

Open Access is a hospice program that allows eligible patients currently receiving medical treatments and/or experiencing intense psychosocial challenges access to hospice services earlier.

Benefits of Open Access Hospice

Open Access allows patients who are currently receiving complex medical treatments time to finish those courses in some circumstances, while at the same time starting to receive the support that hospice care can offer. Open Access can also be used in cases where a patient is eligible for end of life care but may not yet be ready mentally for the concept of hospice. The program can act as a bridge between curative therapies and the comfort and support that hospice provides.

Who is eligible for hospice through Open Access?

Hospice is offered to those who have a six-month life expectancy (as certified by two physicians) and who are no longer receiving curative treatment. Through Open Access, a patient with a six-month prognosis may still be utilizing some of the treatments listed below. If you’re unsure if an individual is appropriate for hospice care because of the current treatment they are receiving, you can talk to their attending physician or reach out to us. Patients may be eligible for hospice through Open Access even if they continue to receive medical treatments such as:  

  • IV antibiotics 
  • IV nutrition and IV heart medications 
  • Ventilator support 
  • Cardiac drips 
  • Chest tubes 
  • Hemo/peritoneal dialysis for hospice diagnosis 
  • Palliative radiation 
  • Biological response modifiers i.e., Procrit®, Neupogen®, Epogen® 
  • Or, if they need additional time to complete their discharge if they have been staying in a facility and will be returning home  

Patients with complex psychosocial needs may also be eligible if they have not:  

  • Made long-term care plans 
  • Engaged in thorough acute care discharge planning 
  • Been able to arrange care giving 
  • Applied for Medicaid or if they have other financial needs 

Who Pays for Open Access?

Open Access is covered under the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Coverage under a managed care contract is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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