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As a patient progresses through a terminal disease, their nutritional status, needs, and goals can vary and evolve. As you or your loved one’s condition changes, AccentCare’s registered dietitians can help answer any of the questions or concerns you may have about nutrition. Together, we can develop a nutrition plan that meets the patient’s unique needs and desires.

What we'd like you to know:

  • A nutrition consult can help address any of your nutrition concerns.
  • We can help you honor your loved one’s food or beverage preferences.
  • We have many resources to assist you if your loved one needs fortified foods, modified consistency foods, or is experiencing adverse reactions when consuming food or fluids.
  • When an individual with a terminal illness is unable to eat or drink, it may indicate the body’s natural response of preparing for death.

You can ask your hospice team for a consult if:

  • You don’t know what to expect of your loved one’s oral intake throughout the hospice journey
  • You have questions or concerns regarding your loved one’s tube feeding or parenteral nutrition
  • You aren’t sure what food or drink to offer your loved one
  • Your loved one is having trouble chewing, swallowing or consuming food or beverages
  • Your loved one wishes to maximize their nutritional intake
  • Your loved one is having adverse reactions when eating or drinking

Questions to ask your Hospice Care Team during your nutrition consult:

  • What should I expect during the hospice journey as it relates to eating and drinking?
  • I’m worried because my loved one won’t eat. What do I do?
  • How do I know if my loved one is having problems chewing or swallowing?
  • What types of food should I offer?
  • Should I offer oral nutrition supplements?
  • How do I maximize the nutrition they are getting?
  • How can we honor cultural or religious dietary traditions as they decline?

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