Seamstress Brings Joy to Widow and Grandkids

Fabric, stuffing and thread. Three ordinary sewing items. In the hands of one volunteer seamstress near Boston, those three items turned into an extraordinary legacy of love.

Usually, AccentCare hospice volunteers only sew one memory bear for families who’ve lost loved ones on their hospice service, so they’re not overwhelmed. But when a special request came in for six, the hospice team knew it had to be answered. And it was…in more ways than one. Patrice was tasked with this epic project. She knew making six precious bears for a recent widow’s grandchildren would take a while.

The widow, Mary, provided fabric from special shirts her late-husband, Thomas, wore and included photos of him in the shirts. Other materials for the bears are funded by Seasons Hospice Foundation. Mary had asked if the cuddly bears could be finished in time for her Christmas trip, to give to the grandkids. The ask seemed herculean.

Patrice started right away and researched Thomas for details about him. She decided to make the bears look like “Pom-Pom,” grandpa’s nickname. She found eyes that matched his eye color, glasses similar to his, and put them on the bears. She learned he always said, “Peace” when leaving a place. So, she found a patch with “Peace” on it and added it to the paw.

Peace patch & guitar pick pockets. PomPom’s guitar picks are in each pocket. Two grandkids take lessons & use his picks when they play.Photo byMedia

Thomas played guitar, so she found guitar pick holders and sewed them onto the bear and placed Pom Pom’s used guitar picks in each special pocket. Diligently, she worked. Left with extra shirt material, Patrice decided Mary needed a bear, too. The impossible task of finishing seven bears was completed in three months.

7 sweet bears get ready for their journey to grandkids Photo byMedia

Two days before Christmas, AccentCare’s Volunteer Services and Community Outreach Manager, Christina, met Patrice for the big bear transfer. The rendezvous spot was unique, an auto repair shop. Christina remembers Patrice arriving in her small electric car, decked out in a Mrs. Claus outfit. The car was filled to the brim with cute and cuddly teddy bears. The repair shop workers must have been curious to see this Christmas bear extravaganza when Mrs. Claus started moving multiple bears to Christina’s car!

Grandpy, with his bandana & glasses on. Ready to face the day!Photo byMedia

Thomas shown here with his glasses and a shirt used as fabric for the bears. Photo byMedia

Patrice added a patch to tell the story of Thomas’ shirt fabric.Photo byMedia

Later that day, Mary came to the hospice office to pick up the special keepsakes. When she saw them, she was in awe! There were no words to describe the precious gifts that Patrice had lovingly stitched together. She is so thankful to Patrice for the beautiful way she instilled his spirit in the bears. AccentCare’s Christina says, “They are so much more than a fabric bear. Patrice is just remarkable.” The skilled seamstress told Christina the reason she answered this call was because she knew what grief was like and that’s why she took such care on these precious mementos.

While tears flowed, Mary packed each gift with photos of Pom-Pom in the shirts used on the fabric bears, added his hats for them to wear and finished with a sweet prayer card that talked about Pom-Pom. Upon opening the gifts, Mary’s children and grandchildren fell in love with them!

Bears with a section of PomPom’s scarf, getting packed up in special boxes to send to grandkids. Photo byMedia

These legacy bears are a tangible, physical lovey to hug and remember memories of Pom Pom. The grandkids call the bears “Grandpy.” They cherish and love each one and take “him” everywhere. Mary glows as she talks of how the bears do activities with the grandkids daily. At night, they take off his glasses and set him nearby while they sleep. In the morning, the glasses go back on him. In a way, Grandpy continues to watch over them as their “Bear Angel” thanks to Patrice! She created a lasting legacy of love for this family.

Christina said, “I am astounded by how much the Bears captured the essence of her husband. My heart is full being witness to the beauty and meaning of this Legacy project.”

Thanks to a seamstress, treasured memories are kept alive…ones that will carry on for generations. Patrice is so happy Mary was moved by the bears, saying, “they took on a life of their own here at our home. Each ended up with a different personality in the face. I earnestly loved working on the project!” Hopefully, the two can meet in person one day and connect with a big bear hug.

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